The Global Crackdown On BDS Is Not About Solidarity With Jews

By Rachel Hodes, -

Israeli politics have moved into uncharted territory over the past several months, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu found himself unable to form a coalition large enough to claim victory in [...]

Exploring The Roots Of The Satmar Hasidim

By Miko Peled, -

My own family history has no connection to the Holocaust. My family were Zionists who came to colonize Palestine in the 1920’s and so even though I knew about the Holocaust and I knew people who [...]

ADL Thought Anti-BDS Laws Are ‘Unconstitutional,’ Will Create Antisemitism – Backed It Anyways

By Chris Menahan, -

A leaked internal memo reveals the Anti-Defamation League thought "anti-BDS" laws making it illegal to boycott Israel were "unconstitutional" and would be "harmful to the Jewish community" and [...]

Unprecedented Decline In US Jewish Youth Refusing Birthright Tours

By Staff, -

Haaretz reported Tuesday that the Birthright program has seen a sharp drop in participation rates this winter season, mainly among Jews from the U.S., the country that provides “by far” the [...]

Dear Natalie Portman, Your Liberal Zionism Won’t Save Your Jewish Values

By Robert H. Cohen, -

Like you, I care about “Jewish values” but I long ago gave up on the idea that Israel, and the Zionism that created and sustains the Jewish State, would protect those values. We should both be [...]

8 Boston Jews Arrested As They Shut Down Israeli Consulate To Protest Violence On Gaza

By Yonah Lieberman, -

BOSTON, MA: This morning, on the fourth day of Passover, Boston Jewish Millennials locked themselves to the Israeli Consulate of New England and called for an end to Israeli violence against [...]

Orthodox Jews In Jerusalem Beaten, Arrested For Refusing Draft

By Miko Peled, -

The Hareidi communities around the world — including the one in Jerusalem, which has existed in the city’s neighborhood of Me’a Sha’arim for close to two hundred years — were opposed to the [...]

Hundreds Of Jews And Arabs March In Jerusalem Against Israeli Occupation

By Nir Hasson, -

By Nir Hasson for Haaretz - Earlier Saturday, a Palestinian was shot dead after wounding two civilians and a border policeman with a knife in Jerusalem's Old City. One of the organizers, Itamar [...]

Young Jews Come Out ‘Swinging’ Against Trump, Jewish Establishment

By John Zangas and Mark Hand, -

By John Zangas and Mark Hand for DC Media Group - Hundreds of Jewish people marched Dec. 14 from Freedom Plaza to the new Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC, where [...]

‘Jewish Resistance’ Against Trump And Bannon

By Mark Hand, -

By Mark Hand for DC Media Group - Protesters gathered at the Washington, DC, headquarters of Donald Trump’s transition team on Nov. 17 to denounce the hatred and anti-Semitism they believe the [...]

Jewish Anti-Occupation Activists Stand With Black Lives Matter

By Wilson Dizard, -

By Wilson Dizard for Mondoweiss. Rabbi Brant Rosen takes on the T’ruah statement, which he says he finds, “much more disturbing than the one released by the Boston JCRC. While the latter group [...]

On This Day In 1941: Anti-Nazi February Strike In Holland

By ROAR Collective, -

By ROAR Collective for ROAR Magazine - Seventy-five years ago today, workers in Amsterdam went on a two-day General Strike against the Nazi persecution of Jews. The months preceding the strike [...]

Arabs And Jews Protest Israeli ‘Book Ban’ With A Kiss

By Renee Ghert-Zand, -

By Renee Ghert-Zand for Times of Israel. Time Out Tel Aviv responded to the Education Ministry’s barring from a reading list for high schoolers of a novel depicting an Israeli-Palestinian love [...]