“Booming” Economy Means More Bad Jobs And Faster Race To The Bottom

By Glen Ford, Blackagendareport.com -

A Brookings Institution study  shows 44 percent of all American workers toil in “low-wage” jobs, with median earnings of $18,000 a year. Most of them are adults in their prime working years, [...]

Exposing Wage Theft Without Fear Is Possible And Necessary

By Noreen Ahmed, NELP. -

For more than five weeks now, coal miners in Harlan County, Kentucky have been camped out on railroad tracks, blocking a train loaded with coal, to demand that their bankrupt employer pay them [...]

What Is The True Unemployment Rate In The US?

By Jack Rasmus from his blog -

The real unemployment rate is probably somewhere between 10%-12%. Here’s why: the 3.7% is the U-3 rate, per thelabor dept. But that’s the rate only for full time employed. What the labor dept. [...]

Labor Day 2019: Surveys Show Wages NOT Rising & Jobs 500,000 Fewer

By Staff, Jackrasmus.com -

What’s the condition of the US working class on this Labor Day 2019? Wages and Jobs are of course the best indicators of that condition. So let’s look at wages and jobs today in America. What we [...]

The Untold Story of Trump’s ‘Booming’ Economy

By Leo Gerard, Independent Media Institute -

Americans are not happy, and for good reason: They continue to suffer financial stress caused by decades of flat income. And every time they make the slightest peep of complaint about a system [...]

The Racial Wealth Divide Is Vast, But It Doesn’t Have To Be

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

In a new report, "Dreams Deferred: How Enriching the 1% Widens the Racial Wealth Divide," researchers at the Institute for Policy Studies outline how the racial wealth gap has widened over the [...]

Uniting For A Green New Deal

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance. -

Support is growing in the United States for a Green New Deal. Though there are competing visions for what that looks like, essentially, a Green New Deal includes a rapid transition to a clean [...]

Abolish Wage Slavery: Productivism As An Extractive Industry

By Scott Tucker, Counterpunch. -

The alienation of labor takes many forms, including the outright ownership of slaves. When big mills and factories were introduced under systems of waged labor, elements of judgment and craft [...]

Tenth Anniversary Of Financial Collapse, Preparing For The Next Crash

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance     -

Ten years ago, there was panic in Washington, DC, New York City and financial centers around the world as the United States was in the midst of an economic collapse. The crash became the focus of [...]

That Raise You Were Promised Last Year? Wall Street Took It From You

By Will Bunch, The Inquirer -

By and large, American workers haven’t been getting the kind of pay raises that history predicts for an economy with such a low unemployment rate. That’s even more astounding when you [...]

Risky Debt Spending Of Bottom Half Is Bolstering The Economy

By Jonathan Spicer, Reuters -

By almost every measure, the U.S. economy is booming. But a look behind the headlines of roaring job growth and consumer spending reveals how the boom continues in large part by the poorer half [...]

How Much America’s Biggest Corporations Have Stolen From Their Own Workers

By Branko Marcetic, Jacobin   -

How do the biggest corporations earn such massive profits? They’d like you to think it’s the result of delivering a superior product or service. But one part of that story is years of wage theft [...]

Welfare Beats Jobs When It Comes to Poverty Reduction

By Nathaniel Lewis, People's Policy Project. -

When it comes to poverty reduction, increasing employment and increasing social spending can both help. But which is the more effective of the two approaches? In this piece, I use data from the [...]

Hiding The Real Number Of Unemployed

By Pete Dolack, Systemic Disorder -

A better indication of how many people have found work is the “civilian labor force participation rate.” By this measure, which includes all people age 16 or older who are not in prison or a [...]

Young People Leading Growing Movement Against Low Pay And Precarious Work

By Helen Blakely and Steve Davies, The Conversation -

Strikes have taken place at McDonald’s and TGI Friday’s restaurants across the UK in recent months. These strikes are the first of their kind in the UK, instigated by a new generation of trade [...]

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