Rather Than Pay Fairer Wages, Businesses Look To Prisons

By Eddie Conway, The Real News Network. -

For months, business owners and corporate media pundits in the US have complained about a “labor shortage,” claiming that businesses are struggling to find new employees because “no one wants to [...]

The US Job Market Is About To Turn Into A Giant Science Experiment

By George Pearkes, Business Insider. -

Partisan politics, Congress' legislative language, and interest group lobbying are about to turn America's 160 million workers into guinea pigs. We're all about to be part of a huge study on [...]

Jobs Report Coverage Lacked Context, Worker Perspective

By Ari Paul, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. -

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, the editorial board of the Financial Times  (4/20/20), perhaps the most important newspaper of capital in the English-speaking world, fretted about how [...]

Workers’ Wages Rebound From Pandemics But Not For Blacks

By Sarafina Wright, The Washington Informer. -

While wages for many Americans have rebounded to pre-pandemic levels, earnings for Black workers declined in the first quarter of 2021, growing the wage gap to its highest level since before the [...]

The End Of Development

By Tim Barker, Dissent Magazine. -

When I was in high school, my economics class read The End of Poverty by Jeffrey Sachs. The book is a passionate appeal to help those living in the worst poverty in the world. Sachs writes that [...]

Building Or Unbuilding America?

By Nomi Prins, Tom Dispatch. -

During the Trump years, the phrase “Infrastructure Week” rang out as a sort of Groundhog Day-style punchline. What began in June 2017 as a failed effort by The Donald’s White House and a [...]

The Actual Effects Of Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

By John Miller, Dollars and Sense. -

No matter how hard they search, unemployed workers can’t find jobs that don’t exist. The major cause of today’s high unemployment is the lack of jobs, not workers who have stopped searching for [...]

New Jobs Report Consistent With Weak Economy

By Jeff Cox, CNBC. -

Weaker-than-expected job growth in September sent a signal that the sharp economic recovery off the coronavirus shutdown may be hitting a wall. The Labor Department reported Friday that [...]

Consequences Of Inadequate Action By Congress

By Kirstyn Flood, Economic Policy Institue. -

Without federal aid to state and local governments, millions of jobs in the public sector will be lost by the end of 2021, severely impacting Black workers, women, and veterans, who are [...]

There Can Be No Equality Without Employment Opportunity For All

By William Lazonick, Philip Moss, and Joshua Weitz, Ineteconomics. -

The employment opportunity that privileged the white male was much more than a job. By the 1960s, growing numbers of white men had employment that gave them steadily rising real earnings, often [...]

‘Misclassification Error’ Is Making Unemployment Rate Look Lower Than It Really Is

By Jake Johnson, Commondreams. -

Buried at the bottom of the Bureau of Labor Statistics' May jobs report—which President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers touted Friday as evidence that the U.S. economy is rebounding from [...]

The War Industry Threatens Humanity

By David Swanson, World Beyond War. -

I’m adding Christian Sorensen’s new book, Understanding the War Industry, to the list of books I think will convince you to help abolish war and militaries. See the list below. Wars are driven [...]

Low-Balling The Unemployed In The 2020 Economic Collapse

By Jack Rasmus, Predicting the Global Economic Crisis. -

This past Friday, May 8, the US Labor Dept. released its latest jobless figures. The official report was 20 million more unemployed and an unemployment rate of 14.7%. Both mainstream and [...]

How Accurate Are The US Jobs Numbers?

By Jack Rasmus, Counterpunch.org -

While the Current Establishment Survey (CES) Report (covering large businesses) shows 263,000 jobs created last month, the Current Population Survey (CPS) second Labor Dept. report (that covers [...]

Growing Despair Amidst Insecure Economic Recovery

By David Rosen, Counterpunch. -

It’s now almost a decade since the last fiscal crisis, launching what was dubbed the “Great Recession.”  It wreaked havoc on the U.S. banking system and the housing market, leaving millions of [...]