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Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins Justice Collective Update On Negotiations With University

Baltimore, MD - Over the past few days, the University has sent emails to the JHU student body and faculty attempting to paint the encampment as unwilling to enter negotiations. This framing by the University is incredibly dishonest: an hours long, closed-door meeting is not the only way to negotiate. Since the beginning of the encampment, we have repeatedly asked that the University send us negotiation offers by email, which they have consistently refused to do. To say we refuse to negotiate until Tuesday is plainly untrue. Our request to begin via email is for a variety of reasons.

Johns Hopkins Encampment Calls On University To Divest, Demilitarize

The protestors who are encamped at the Johns Hopkins University shared their formal proposal on Friday with the university, requesting that the school divest “from all companies with ties to the state of Israel,” demilitarize “by severing its financial relationships with the U.S. Department of Defense,” and disclose “all financial relationships with the state of Israel.” The proposal, which the protestors said was submitted to the university’s Public Interest Investment Advisory Committee (PIIAC), calls on Hopkins to hear the request “immediately” because of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza caused by Israel’s war with Hamas.

Occupation At Johns Hopkins University Protests For Palestinians

Activists and organizers who set up an encampment at Johns Hopkins University said that school officials threatened to call the police on them if they didn’t leave last night. They said that school officials also threatened them with academic sanctions. “We have been clear that the consequences of violating our policies and creating unsafe conditions include academic discipline, which is determined by University officials, and trespass, which is handled by local law enforcement,” a representative for the school said in an email to Baltimore Beat. Organizers launched the encampment on Monday, April 29.
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