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Why Jordanian People Are Protesting Pact With UAE, Israel

Thousands of Jordanians demonstrated in Amman on Friday against a deal that will supposedly see Jordan send electricity to Israel in exchange for desalinated seawater. This followed protests by students on campuses across the country opposing the kingdom’s formal ties and close relations with Israel, which many see as an outright betrayal of the Palestinian cause. The deal, to which the United Arab Emirates is also a party, appears to be more of a political effort to cement Jordan firmly within the so-called Abraham Accords, rather than providing the touted clean energy and water benefits to either side. The only real winner, politically speaking, is likely to be Israel.

Video: Israeli bulldozers Raze Jordan Valley Homes

By Staff of The Electronic Antifada - On Wednesday, Israeli forces carried out a mass demolition in four areas of the occupied West Bank’s Jordan Valley — Jiftlik, Fasayil al-Wusta, Ein Kurzliya and al-Mkassar. Seven homes and six animal shelters were destroyed, leaving 71 people without a roof over their heads. For families in Fasayil al-Wusta and Ein Kurzliya, it was the fourth demolition in recent years. In al-Mkassar, Israeli forces demolished a tent provided to the family after their dwelling was demolished a week before. The only access road to Ein Kurzliya was blocked and in Jiftlik, a system of pipes providing water to 300 people was deliberately damaged.

Speaking out about Palestine? This could happen to you.

A man is taken from his home by 20 armed, militarized police in fascist black uniforms. They break in through the doors and windows, rappel from the roof with ropes, storm the home where he lives with his wife and four children, in the dead of night. They take him away, and no one hears from him for days, and then weeks, and then months. He isn’t charged with anything; for a long time he is simply disappeared. There is no official charge, but he is a known political activist, a writer, a lecturer. This isn’t news, because the country is Jordan, the orders come from the US or from Israel, and the man is an Arab, a Palestinian.

Activist Who Worked On Palestinian Issues In US Is Missing

On Monday May 5th, 2014, Amer Jubran was arrested by the secret intelligence agency of the Jordanian government, the Mukhabarat, in the middle of the night . He has not been allowed any contact with a lawyer and no one knows where he is being held. This arrest is the result of intelligence cooperation between Jordan, the United States, and Israel in their attempt to silence dissent and eliminate political support for resistance to the American-Zionist project in the region. Amer is a Palestinian political activist who opposed the warmaking policies of the United States and Israel during his 18 year residence in the United States. Shortly after September 2001 he was harassed by US authorities, detained, and finally pushed out of the country.
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