From Co-ops To Direct Public Offerings, Local News Outlets Get Creative To Stay Afloat

Bonnie O'Keefe, -

The journalism landscape has transformed dramatically since the turn of the millennium when more than 400,000 people were employed at newspapers in the US. By September 2016, less than half that [...]

A Year Of Organizing Freelance Journalists

By Staff, -

In March of 2019, the Industrial Workers of the World Freelance Journalists Union unintentionally went public. Having recently settled on a formal name for the organization, committee members [...]

In A Major Press Freedom Victory, Brazil Supreme Court Judge Rules To Protect Glenn Greenwald And The Intercept Brasil

By Trevor Timm, -

In a crucial victory for press freedom in Brazil, Minister Gilmar Mendes, a member of Brazil’s Supreme Court, has barred the Bolsonaro administration and Justice Minister Sergio Moro from [...]

Brazilians Protest Bolsonaro’s Threats Against Glenn Greenwald

By Staff, -

Brazilian journalists, artists, politicians, and activists came together Tuesday in support of journalist Glenn Greenwald who is being threatened by the government of far-right President Jair [...]

Bolsonaro: Greenwald ‘May be Imprisoned’, Journalist Says ‘ No’

By Staff, -

'Contrary to Bolsonaro's wishes, he is not (yet) a dictator. He has no power to order people arrested,' said Greenwald after the president threatened to incarcerate the Pulitzer Prize-winning [...]

The Guardian Publishes, Then Censors Jewish Open Letter Defending Smeared Pro-Corbyn Labour MP Chris Williamson

By Ben Norton, -

Britain’s leading newspaper The Guardian has censored an open letter published by prominent Jewish intellectuals, writers, and activists that defended leftist Labour Party Member of Parliament [...]

I Live-Tweeted The AFP’s Every Move As They Raided The ABC’s Sydney Headquarters

By John Lyons, -

It was a surreal moment: standing with a group of Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers around a big screen, sifting through 9,214 emails and documents belonging to my colleagues. I felt like [...]

No Publication Will Be Safe If Assange Is Prosecuted

By Bill Blum, -

Unless and until Assange’s prosecution is dismissed, no publication will be safe from the Administration’s vengeance and overreach. The prosecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange under the [...]

Trump’s Charges Against Assange Are Historic Attack On Press Freedoms. Media And Obama Helped Set The Stage

By Ben Norton, -

WikiLeaks publisher and political prisoner Julian Assange is facing 17 charges under the United States Espionage Act — a draconian law that was written during World War I to imprison leftists who [...]

‘War On Journalism’: Snowden Slams US Indictment Against Assange

By Staff, -

May 25, 2019 "Information Clearing House" -  The fate of journalism as we know it is now at stake, after Washington indicted Julian Assange under the Espionage Act, NSA whistleblower Edward [...]

“I Was The CIA Director – We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole”

By Tyler Durden, -

Former CIA director and now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has long accused WikiLeaks of being a “non-state hostile intelligence agency”, usually manipulated by Russia. Since Pompeo first made [...]

Unsealed Affidavit Demonstrates US Seeking To Prosecute Assange For His Journalism

By Oscar Grenfell, -

An affidavit unsealed by US prosecutors on Monday has underscored the unlawful character of the Trump administration’s request that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange be extradited to the US in the [...]

Press TV’s Hashemi Vows To Speak Out Against US Injustice Until Her Last Breath

By Staff, -

Hashemi said she was with her son, Reza, when the FBI arrested her and put her in handcuffs on January 13 before boarding a flight to Denver. She spent the night at St. Louis airport before being [...]

Marzieh Hashemi Released!

By Staff, -

Marzieh Hashemi, an American journalist who has been in federal custody for 10 days, has just been released. Hashemi, a prominent news anchor for Iran’s Press TV, was being held in a prison [...]