How Shoddy Reporting And Anti-Russian Propaganda Coerced Ecuador To Silence Julian Assange

By M.C. McGrath and Glen Greenwald, -

JULIAN ASSANGE HAS been barred from communicating with the outside world for more than three weeks. On March 27, the government of Ecuador blocked Assange’s internet access and barred him from [...]

CBS Interview With Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed Bin Salman Was A Crime Against Journalism

By Mehdi Hasan, -

“AT JUST 32, Mohammed bin Salman seems fearless and determined. He has quickly become the most dominant Arab leader in a generation.” That’s how “60 Minutes” began its interview with, and profile [...]

America’s Troll Farm Media

By Gerald Sussman, -

Despite all the smoke and mirrors, most Americans seem to see where the stenographers of corporate capitalism are taking us. A recent Gallup poll found that while 84% of Americans see media as [...]

Experts For The People—Shut Out By The Mass Media

By Ralph Nader, -

Ever wonder how the television, radio and newspaper people select whom they are going to interview or get quotes from when they are reporting the news or producing a feature? I do. What I’ve [...]

Finnish Journalist Faces Strip Search To Cover Pence In Israel

By Andrew Buncombe, -

“But given all of the technology and intelligence at Israel’s fingertips, we fail to see any good reason for the continued humiliation of professional accredited journalists and can only conclude [...]

US AFRICOM Blacklists Reporter Nick Turse As “Not A Legitimate Journalist”

Journalist Nick Turse, who has reported extensively on US military operations in Africa, was recently told that he has been deemed “not a legitimate journalist” by AFRICOM, the US military [...]

Act To Protect Critical Independent Voices On The Internet

By Glen Ford, -

There really is a vast conspiracy to strangle radical dissent in the United States, under the broad heading of suppressing “Fake News” -- meaning reporting, analysis and advocacy that challenges [...]

The Biggest Secret

By James Risen, -

BUNDLED AGAINST THE freezing wind, my lawyers and I were about to reach the courthouse door when two news photographers launched into a perp-walk shoot. As a reporter, I had witnessed this [...]

Journalists Who Relayed GOP’s Deficit Moaning Owe Us Apologies

By Adam Johnson, -

Now that the Republicans’ brazen tax bill that the CBO predicts will add $1.4 trillion to the deficit has passed, yet again exposing “deficit concerns” by congressional Republicans as an empty [...]

Lee Camp Dissects NPR’s Propagandistic Attack Against Him

By Lee Camp, -

I never thought I’d be the target of an NPR attack piece. Through my twenties I even looked to NPR as an outlet full of good, progressive, thoughtful reporting – You know, the soothing voices [...]

Atrocious Anti-Wind Article Published; Devoid Of Scientific Evidence

By Brendan DeMelle, -

Meanwhile, in the realm of scientific facts, the American Wind Energy Association, the main trade group representing the wind power industry, points to 25 scientific reviews that document the [...]

Judge Tells Jury: Informing Public May Be Criminal Conspiracy

By Jim Naureckas, -

Reporting the news can be punished as criminal conspiracy, federal Judge Lynn Leibovitz told jurors at the so-called J20 trial in Washington, DC, where journalists and protesters alike are [...]

Judge In J20 Case Drops Inciting Riot Charge

By Baynard Woods, -

The judge in the trial of six of the 193 people to face decades in prison under the federal Riot Act for protesting on Inauguration Day, dismissed one of the most serious charges Wednesday. Judge [...]

U.S. Media Suffered Most Humiliating Debacle In Ages

By Glenn Greenwald, -

Friday was one of the most embarrassing days for the U.S. media in quite a long time. The humiliation orgy was kicked off by CNN, with MSNBC and CBS close behind, with countless pundits, [...]

Reporters Without Borders Tries To Shut Down Press Event

By Brandon Turbeville, -

By Brandon Turbeville for Transcend Media Service - 28 Nov 2017 – Self-proclaimed “press freedom watchdog” Reporters Without Borders launched a new campaign that it deemed of urgent importance – [...]