WGAE Tensions Reflect An Age-Old Clash Of Labor Visions

By Ari Paul, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

The Writers Guild of America East has successfully organized digital journalism workers at numerous well-known outlets in the last several years, winning contract protections on things like [...]

‘Chilling The Press Has Consistently Outraged Me’

By Ari Paul, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

The last photographs Tirado took with her camera before she was shot in the face with a rubber-jacketed bullet show Minneapolis police aiming at her during the Black Lives Matter protests in [...]

The Radicalism Of ‘Race Today’

By Tabatha Vaughan, Tribune Magazine. -

In 1974, former Black Panther Darcus Howe became editor of Race Today, transforming it from a formal academic journal, run by the institute of Race Relations, into a campaigning collective whose [...]

Support Craig Murray: Locking Hands

By Rev. Stuart Campbell, Wings Over Scotland. -

We had a phone call this morning from HMP Edinburgh, asking us to briefly relapse our retirement again to put out a request on behalf of Prisoner 157095 – better known to you and us as our friend [...]

Multiple Mainstreams

By Carla Murphy, Dissent Magazine. -

I suppose I’m meant to care how “the left” talks about race and class. I fit the profile; I’m a black female journalist. My stories since the early 2000s have featured men and women made [...]

Murray’s Last Words Before Prison

By Craig Murray, Consortium News. -

I want to make one or two points for you to ponder while I am in jail. This is the last post until about Christmas; we are not legally able to post anything while I am imprisoned. But the Justice [...]

On Contact: The Trial Of Ghislaine Maxwell

By Chris Hedges, RT. -

On the show this week Chris Hedges talks to investigative journalist Nick Bryant about the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell. The British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, held at New York’s Metropolitan [...]

Glen Ford, Veteran Journalist And Founder Of Black Agenda Report, Dies

By Bruce C.T. Wright, News One. -

Glen Ford, a veteran broadcast, print and digital journalist who hosted the first nationally syndicated Black news interview program on TV before going on to found the Black Agenda Report [...]

We Can Defeat The Corporate Media’s War On Independent Journalism

By Jonathan Cook. -

I wanted to use this opportunity to talk about my experiences over the past two decades working with new technology as an independent freelance journalist, one who abandoned – or maybe more [...]

Gabriel García Márquez And Magical Internationalism

By Laura Capote, Peoples Dispatch. -

Sometimes what is obvious hides what is important. Gabriel García Márquez is best known as the craftsman par excellence of the genre ‘magical realism’, rather than his profound passion for the [...]

Julian Assange Wins 2020 Gary Webb Freedom Of The Press Award

By Joe Lauria, Consortium News. -

Julian Assange, the imprisoned and maligned publisher of WikiLeaks, has been awarded the 2020 Gary Webb Freedom of the Press Award by the board of the Consortium for Independent Journalism, [...]

US Journalists Form Unions To Survive ‘Hedge Fund Vampires’ And COVID-19

By Billy Anania, Shadowproof. -

Many of these unions have sought representation from the NewsGuild, a branch of the Communications Workers of America (CWA). They include editorial staff, who recognize the shared working [...]

Who Is Alexei Navalny?

By Royce Kurmelovs and Katya Kazbek, The Grayzone. -

Compressed into a two-minute soundbite, the story of Alexei Navalny and the recent protests that have erupted across Russia seems simple enough. The Russian opposition figure who recently [...]

Glenn Greenwald On His Resignation From The Intercept

By Matt Taibbi, Substack. -

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald quit his job this morning. In a bizarre, ironic, and disturbing commentary on trends in modern media, the celebrated reporter was forced to [...]