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Jury Nullification

Jurors Ask About Jury Nullification

By Patrick Browne for Press for Truth. Twenty-eight year old James Cleaveland was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct back in 2014, after a state trooper had instructed him to walk away from an incident that involved a standoff with a man who had a gun. The 4-1/2-hour standoff with the man eventually ended with him allegedly shooting and killing himself. Cleaveland was told by the trooper to back up and to go around the corner of a building while they were dealing with the incident. Audio recording from the event allegedly demonstrated that Cleaveland had clearly stated that he wasn't resisting arrest. The trial finally came to an end this week, with a hung jury on one charge and a not guilty verdict on the other.

Denver Court Bans Protests At Courthouse Over Jury Nullification

By Ethan M. Long for Rebel News - There is a battle brewing in Denver, CO. between the City, the Second Judicial District Court, and protesters. The problem: a controversial court order issued on August 14 that makes protesting of any kind prohibited both inside and outside the courthouse. “Apparently a minor turf war has erupted between Denver and the Second Judicial District over control of the Courthouse grounds,” writes Federal Judge William J. Martinez in his decision of a lawsuit brought against the City and the Second Judicial District by protesters planning on handing out pamphlets outside of the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse. This decision was handed down on August 25. It was the same two pamphlets, “Fresh Air for Justice,” and “Your Jury Rights: True or False?”, which spurred the court order, CJO 15-1 (a.k.a the “Plaza Order”) in the first place.
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