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Just Stop Oil

Four Just Stop Oil Supporters Found Not Guilty

Four Just Stop Oil supporters were acquitted of willful obstruction of the highway on Monday 8 January, as the Judge declared they had a lawful excuse for their actions. Meanwhile, another case against Just Stop Oil supporters has been cancelled due to a lack of a primary witness. Miranda Forward, Dave Boden, Chris Hardy, and Annotony Cottam appeared before District Judge Lloyd at Stratford Magistrates court. The four Just Stop Oil supporters peacefully blocked roads into Parliament Square with 60 others on the 4 October 2022. Their actions were part of a month of continuous action to ‘Occupy Westminster’ in order to demand that the government call a halt to all new fossil fuel licenses and consents.

The Method Behind Just Stop Oil’s Madness

Not a lot of people like Just Stop Oil. Its own members would admit to being annoying. Journalists and politicians spend a lot of time denouncing and criminalizing the group’s chosen forms of protest. Even those who sympathize with the cause are inclined to criticize the group’s brand of civil disobedience as unreasonable or counterproductive. The most common thing I am asked as someone who researches Just Stop Oil, or JSO, is why they disrupt the daily lives of the general public. Wouldn’t it make more sense to disrupt the flow of oil directly? Whatever the answer, it is rare that JSO members are given a platform to properly answer these questions.

Just Stop Oil’s Best Action Against Racist Bibby Stockholm Barge

On 18 October climate activists from Just Stop Oil (JSO) halted the coach driving 23 asylum seekers to the Bibby Stockholm. Activists sporting bright orange tabards emblazoned with the JSO logo blocked the sole road into Portland, where the government have docked the floating monstrosity. An extremely irresponsible coach driver appeared to push through the protesters that lined the coach’s path. Ultimately, the activists failed to prevent the Home Office returning the migrants to the barge. However, this was still the singular most powerful and important action in the group’s history – and here’s why.

Why Glue Your Head To A Painting?

A Just Stop Oil activist attempted to superglue his shaved head to Johannes Vermeer’s masterpiece “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” while another dumped what looked to be tomato soup on him, at the Mauritshuis museum in The Netherlands this morning. This action followed an uproar caused by two activists from the German environmentalist group Letzte Generation, who threw mashed potatoes at Claude Monet’s “Lew Meules” in the Museum Barberini in Potsdam on Sunday. These disruptions are the latest in a slew of actions orchestrated by climate activists, including the recent and already infamous Van Gogh #Soupgate, which has attracted controversy, mockery, denigration and — importantly — increased attention surrounding the work of the environmental collective Just Stop Oil and the climate crisis.
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