Chelsea Manning’s Lawyers Demand Her Release

By Andrea Germanos, Commondreams. -

Lawyers for Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning on Wednesday filed a motion for her release, saying her continued incarceration for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury is [...]

Jan. 22 – Day Of Action To Support Venezuelan Embassy Protectors

By Embassy Protectors Defense Committee, -

As we approach the Embassy Protectors’ trial, currently scheduled for February 11, 2020, both sides are filing documents relevant to the trial. These will be argued at the next court hearing on [...]

Activist Marty Gottesfeld Silenced For Writing About Prison Corruption While Serving Time

By Barrett Brown, Counterpunch. -

As I’ve recently learned from his wife, activist and prison journalist Marty Gottesfeld — recently sentenced to ten years for a denial of service attack on the website of the Boston hospital that [...]

Arbuthnot Out As Assange’s Judge, Says WikiLeaks Lawyer

By Consortium News. -

Lady Emma Arbuthnot, the Westminster chief magistrate enmeshed in a conflict of interest, will no longer be presiding over the extradition proceedings of imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian [...]

Brazil: Lula Is Free

By Ana Paula Vargas and Vijay Prashad, Brasil de Fato. -

Just before 6 p.m. on Friday the 8th of November, Brazil’s former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva walked out of his prison in Curitiba (Brazil). Lula went to prison in April last year on a [...]

Close The Workhouse Campaign To Stop The War Against Black People

By the Close the Workhouse Campaign. -

The Close the Workhouse campaign aims to attack mass incarceration, without legitimizing or justifying the continued caging of people as punishment. We call for the closure of the Medium Security [...]

Tsunami Of Dissent Floods Streets Of Catalonia

By Bue Rübner Hansen, ROAR Magazine. -

On most days, Barcelona is noisy, its air toxic. But this Friday, most of the city was quiet and breathable, traffic arteries blocked, cruise ships rerouted and flights canceled. Briefly, and [...]

Irish President Confronted In New York By Veteran’s Families Over Neutrality Violation

By Ellen Davidson, Stop These Wars. -

New York City - Irish President Michael D. Higgins was on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show this morning. He spoke compassionately at length about immigration and migration and refugees. The last caller, [...]

The Right Wing Is Trying To Make It A Crime To Oppose Fascism

By Shane Burley, Truthout. -

Conservatives in the U.S. have long sought to reframe grassroots political activism as dangerously radical, but efforts to criminalize protests have rapidly intensified since Donald Trump’s [...]

Julian Assange: Call for International Days of Action May 1 and May 2

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

We urge people to take action at British embassies in the United States, at US Department of Justice and US Attorney's offices and other appropriate locations on May 1 and 2 and if you are in [...]

Half Of US Adults Have Immediate Family Member Currently Or Previously Incarcerated

By FWD.US. -

Washington, DC – A new, first-of-its-kind report released today finds that nearly half of all adults in the United States – approximately 113 million people – have an immediate family member who [...]

Students Are Suing For A Constitutional Right To Education

By Alia Wong, The Atlantic -

Nearly all of the world’s 180-plus countries include the term education in their constitution. Most guarantee every child the right to free education, and many make participation in some form of [...]

Supreme Court Rules Against Hopi Over Sacred Site

By Alden Woods, -

Arizona - The Hopi Tribe cannot claim special damage on land controlled by the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Thursday, all but ending an eight-year legal battle and [...]

These Youth Are Suing Their State For A Livable Future

By Nature's Trust Rhode Island. -

Providence, RI—Nature’s Trust Rhode Island, a youth-driven campaign for the legal right to a healthy climate, joined by Sisters of Mercy Ecology, today initiated legal action to compel the State [...]