MLK Beyond Vietnam Speech Relevant To War & Justice Today

By Staff, -

By Staff of United for Peace & Justice - 50 years ago, on April 4, 1967 at Riverside Church, in NYC, Martin Luther King delivered his powerful and most controversial speech, “Beyond Vietnam: A [...]

Justice, Clean Air And Water In The Age Of Trump

By Oliver Milman, -

By Oliver Milman for The Guardian - The Trump administration is peeling away rules designed to protect clean air and water, fueling a growing urgency around the struggle for environmental [...]

Eric Garner Videographer: Ramsey Orta Can’t Breathe

By Josmar Trujillo, -

By Josmar Trujillo for FAIR - The only one punished since Eric Garner's killing is the citizen-journalist who recorded it. When we went to a New York state prison to visit Ramsey Orta, the young [...]

A Clarion Call For Our Country’s Pillars To Demand Justice

By Ralph Nader, -

By Ralph Nader for The Nader Page - Given the retrograde pits inhabited by our ruling politicians and the avaricious over-reach of myopic big-business bosses, the self-described pillars of our [...]

Turkey’s ‘Justice March’ Leaves Erdogan With Difficult Options

By Leela Jacinto, -

By Leela Jacinto for France 24 - In a country that has seen a silencing of virtually all forms of opposition against the government, a startling spectacle has been unfolding in Turkey over the [...]

Media For Justice And Peace

By Sue Ann Martinson, -

By Sue Ann Martinson for Rise Up Times - Lately the term the “elite” is being used by many media commentators and in numerous articles that appear online and in print. Who are the “elite”? What [...]

The NAFTA Machine is in Motion

By Daniel Cooper Bermudez, -

By Daniel Cooper Bermudez for Popular Resistance. This month, the Trump adminsitration sent out an eight-page draft letter to the Senate Finance and House Ways & Means committees outlining the [...]

Peace Conference: Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad

By Staff for UNAC, -

By Staff for UNAC. A National Conference: "Stop the Wars at Home & Abroad: Building a Movement Against War, Injustice & Repression!" - Hosted by the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC - [...]

Reason And Justice Address Realities

By Ralph Nader, -

By Ralph Nader for The Nader Page - Consider the immense public attention to health insurance and health care and the recent struggles over Obamacare and now Ryancare. Conspicuously absent from [...]

How Do We Stop Trump And Win Gains In Justice And Equality?

By David Solnit and George Lakey, -

By David Solnit and George Lakey for Common Dreams - George Lakey: Point 2 of the ten-point plan suggests that activists strengthen connections of civic institutions with targeted populations so [...]

A 10-Point Plan To Stop Trump And Make Gains In Justice And Equality

By George Lakey, -

By George Lakey for Waging Nonviolence - Three times more people participated in the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., than were present at the inauguration the day before. He lost the popular [...]

Gustavo Castro Soto Wins Visionary Justice Award

By Beverly Bell, -

By Beverly Bell for Other Worlds - Gustavo started Otros Mundos / Friends of the Earth Mexico in 2007. Under his leadership, Otros Mundos has become a focal point for environmental defense [...]

2016 And Beyond: Justice Jumping Genres

By Brian Bienkowski, -

By Brian Bienkowski for Environmental Health News - A historic year for environmental justice saw government failures in Flint, a resurgent Native voice, and a merging of movements. We're [...]

Striking Prisoners Are Bending Arc Of Moral Universe

By Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan, -

By Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan for Truth Dig - Grass-roots organizing, the hard work of building movements, can be grueling. Pay is often low or nonexistent. Success is never assured. As [...]

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