Ag-Gag Law Suppressing Whistleblowers Is Defeated

By Kevin Gosztola,  The Dissenter. -

Laws intended to suppress journalism, whistleblowing, and speech on the food and agriculture industry continue to experience defeats in the United States court system. Known as “ag-gag” laws, [...]

Community Members And Businesses Show Support For Frito-Lay Strikers

By India Yarborough, Topeka Capital-Journal. -

Community support is rolling in for Frito-Lay workers on strike in Topeka. Going into the second day of the first strike outside Topeka's Frito-Lay plant in nearly 50 years, a local relief [...]

Members Of Topeka’s Local Frito-Lay Union Just Voted To Strike

By India Yarborough, Topeka Capital-Journal. -

Members of the local union representing Frito-Lay workers have voted to strike. After multiple rounds of mediated contract negotiations with the company yielded little progress, members [...]

Iowa Tribe Creates National Park

Lincoln, NE — The Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska is creating the nation's largest tribal national park on a forested bluff overlooking the Missouri River and a historic site of its [...]

Kansas Man Facing 25 Years For Cannabis That Stopped Chronic Seizures

By Daniel Davis, -

“No seizure medication helped. In fact, my seizures got progressively worse over time. It was terrible. Terrible. At my lowest I contemplated suicide,” Burgess told KCTV5 News. At one point, he [...]

Tragedy In Kansas: Medical-Marijuana User Dies After Police Raid

By Doug McVay, -

Jennifer Hess, her husband Homer Wilson and their two sons were minding their own business on the night of Thursday, May 23 in their Eureka, Kansas home when policed knocked on the door. What [...]

Kansas Quakes Likely Caused By Oil & Gas Fracking Process

By Karen Dillion, -

Kansas officials have been reluctant to link the mysterious earthquakes in south central Kansas to fracking, but last week they said for the first time the temblors are likely caused by disposal [...]

Meet The Kansans Who Bravely Fought For Gay Rights

By Steven Rosenfeld, -

Michael Nelson stared at the room packed with students from the University of Kansas’ various LGBT groups. The 2014 school year had barely begun and the white-haired pastor, poet and gay rights [...]