Video: Find The Courage To Fight Back | The Resistance Report Week In Review 02.08.14

Syncrude Aurora Oil Sands Mine, north of Fort McMurray, Canada.

In this week’s Resistance Report week in we review stories from the week of action in the movement for social and economic justce. The Resistance Report covers: The Day We Fight Back Against The NSA: this Tuesday a worldwide day of activism in opposition to the NSA’s mass spying regime; Massive Resistance Building To Stop #KXL: over 200 events took place from coast to coast saying ‘No KXL’; Did We Defeat the TPP?: A growing movement of movements to organize, educate, and resist the fast track authority; and What Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death Can Teach Us About Climate Change: Claiming the KXL will not have a negative impact on the environment is like Walter White saying heroin is as healthy as kale.

Opening Day Public Comment On Keystone XL Pipeline


Everywhere you look, the stakes are high. President Obama is deciding on whether to approve the disastrous Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline. Here in the Bay Area, Chevron is using the pretext of last year’s fire at their Richmond refinery (which sent 15,000 people to the hospital!) to expand the refinery to process that same devastating tar sands oil. If these projects are approved, we know the consequences: more oil spills, more fires, more asthma and cancer for our communities, more climate change and super typhoons across the planet. Lucky for us, Big Oil isn’t the only game in town. Here in Richmond and across the country, people are organizing to expose the lies and create real, green-collar alternatives. Now is the time to amplify our struggles!

Indigenous Keystone XL Will Not Cross Our Lands


While the oil industry is largely spinning the report as a green-light for the pipeline, green groups emphasize that it contains stern warnings over the massive carbon pollution that would result if the pipeline is built, including the admission that tar sands oil produces approximately 17 percent more carbon than traditional crude. The release of the FEIS kicked off a 90-day inter-agency review and 30-day public comment period. The pipeline’s opponents say now is a critical time to prevent Obama from approving the pipeline, which is proposed to stretch 1,179 miles from Alberta, Canada, across the border to Montana, and down to Cushing, Oklahoma where it would link with other pipelines, as part of a plan to drastically increase Canada’s tar sands production. The southern half of the Keystone XL pipeline — which begins in Cushing, passes through communities in Oklahoma and East Texas, and arrives at coastal refineries and shipping ports — began operations last month after facing fierce opposition and protest from people in its path.

Landowners And Environmentalists Unite Against KXL Pipeline

Keystone Pipeline

Supporters and opponents of the transnational pipeline were both quick to claim victories regarding the US State Department report released Friday, which raised no major objections to the project. The oil industry, some union groups and congressional Republicans called on the Obama administration to move forward with the project; a coalition of landowners and environmentalists said there was still cause for denying a federal permit.

Tar Sands Activist Facing Two Years in Prison Dropped of Felony Charges


Battle Creek, Michigan – MICATS activist Chris Wahmhoff who was facing felony charges for crawling into pipeline line 6B on his 35th birthday earlier this summer has had all charges against him dropped. He remained in the pipe for ten hours in an effort to shut down the expansion of Enbridge’s line 6b pipeline. The crowd of supporters at the Calhoun county courtroom erupted in applause jumping up and cheering when the judge approved his motion to quash the charges brought against him. The pipeline caused the largest inland oil spill in the United States history according to the E.P.A spilling more than a million barrels of tar sands bitumen into the Kalamazoo river. Wahmhoff recently announced his bid to run for the U.S senate seat currently held by Senator Carl Levin. The prosecutor could refile or appeal, although since there’s not much more evidence to present, it is not expected to happen.