Video: Find The Courage To Fight Back | The Resistance Report Week In Review 02.08.14

By Dennis Trainor Jr, -

In this week's Resistance Report week in we review stories from the week of action in the movement for social and economic justce. The Resistance Report covers: The Day We Fight Back Against [...]

Opening Day Public Comment On Keystone XL Pipeline

By Josh Healey, -

Everywhere you look, the stakes are high. President Obama is deciding on whether to approve the disastrous Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline. Here in the Bay Area, Chevron is using the pretext [...]

Indigenous Keystone XL Will Not Cross Our Lands

By Sarah Lazare -

While the oil industry is largely spinning the report as a green-light for the pipeline, green groups emphasize that it contains stern warnings over the massive carbon pollution that would result [...]

Landowners And Environmentalists Unite Against KXL Pipeline

By Staff, -

Supporters and opponents of the transnational pipeline were both quick to claim victories regarding the US State Department report released Friday, which raised no major objections to the [...]

Tar Sands Activist Facing Two Years in Prison Dropped of Felony Charges

By Joe Fletcher, -

Battle Creek, Michigan – MICATS activist Chris Wahmhoff who was facing felony charges for crawling into pipeline line 6B on his 35th birthday earlier this summer has had all charges against him [...]