Artificial (Un)intelligence And The US Military

By Michael Klare, Tom Dispatch. -

With Covid-19 incapacitating startling numbers of U.S. service members and modern weapons proving increasingly lethal, the American military is relying ever more frequently on intelligent robots [...]

The End Of War As We Know It?

By Danny Sjursen, Tom Dispatch. -

Covid-19, an ongoing global human tragedy, may have at least one silver lining. It has led millions of people to question America’s most malignant policies at home and abroad. Regarding [...]

Campaign To Stop Killer Robots Sends Message To United Nations

Chris Harris, EuroNews. -

Campaigners say killer robots and other autonomous weapons systems should be banned before it’s too late. Rapid technological advances are bringing them closer to reality but international law [...]

Dallas Police Used A Robot To Kill A Gunman

By W.J. Hennigan and Brian Bennett, -

By W.J. Hennigan and Brian Bennett for Los Angeles Times - Negotiators had been talking for hours with the hunkered-down killer of five police officers in downtown Dallas when the man suddenly [...]

Legal Experts Raise Alarm Over Shocking Use Of ‘Killer Robot’ In Dallas

By Nadia Prupis, -

By Nadia Prupis for Common Dreams - As news emerges that police officers in Dallas, Texas used an armed robot to kill the suspected shooter in Thursday night's ambush, experts are warning that it [...]

Nobel Laureates Stop A Future Of Robotic Warfare

By Nobel Women's Initiative, -

Referring to the development of weapons that could select targets and kill people without any human intervention as “unconscionable”, 20 individuals and organizations who have won the Nobel peace [...]