Trudeau Buys Kinder Morgan Pipeline As First Nations Water Advisories Increase

By Emma Lui, -

Yesterday morning the Trudeau government confirmed that it would pay $4.5 billion to buy the Kinder Morgan pipeline. The pipeline project is estimated to cost up to $7.4 billion. This decision [...]

Climate Justice And The Kinder Morgan Pipeline: Is This The Next Standing Rock?

By Theo LeQuesne, -

May 2018. “Standing Rock is everywhere now.” We heard this refrain time and again in the days and weeks that followed the violent defeat and eviction of Standing Rock’s Water Protectors at [...]

“We Are Going To Not Allow Kinder Morgan To Finish This Pipeline”

By Andy Rowell, -

As the clock ticks down until the May 31 deadline over the controversial Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline project, which will triple the amount of tar sands being transported from Alberta to [...]

Grandfather Scales Tree, Erects Mid-Air Camp To Stop Kinder Morgan Clear-Cutting

By Staff, -

Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver) – Early this morning Terry Christenson, a 70-year old Grandfather of two, and former Juno nominee, scaled a tree on the inside of Kinder Morgan’s fence [...]

Trudeau Will Have Hell To Pay If He Approves Kinder Morgan

By Rafe Mair, www.commonsensecanadian -

By Rafe Mair for The Common Sense Canadian. Canada - None should be in the slightest surprised at the anti-British Columbia stance of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. As Talleyrand famously noted [...]

Kinder Morgan’s Request To Police Backfires

By Domenic Poli, -

By Domenic Poli for the Gazette. Kinder Morgan wants state authority to enter onto more than 400 private properties to conduct surveys for the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline [...]

Feds Block Citizen Web Portal As Key Deadline Looms

By Mary Serreze, -

By Mary Serreze for Mass Live - Foes of interstate gas pipeline expansion in New England cried foul Sunday night as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's e-filing system remained shut down, [...]

Rising Tide Disrupts Kinder Morgan’s Dinner

By Rising Tide - Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories, -

A group of demonstrators interrupted Kinder Morgan employees during their dinner at local seafood restaurant Fishworks to show them the real impacts the Trans Mountain expansion project will have [...]