Trump Pushing Koch Industries’ Bill To Hobble Regulatory Agencies

By Steve Horn, -

By Steve Horn for Desmog Blog - The OMB pointed toward the myriad existing safeguards that already ensure regulatory agency accountability, including the federal court system, the fact that many [...]

Are the Koch Brothers Trying To Influence TTIP Negotiations?

By Kyla Mandel, -

By Kyla Mandel in DeSmogBlog - The latest release of lobbying data on the European Commission’s Transparency Register has raised concerns that the fossil-fuelled Kochs are trying to influence the [...]

Protesters Tell Smithsonian To Drop Fossil Fuels

By Lee Stewart, -

By Lee Stewart for Popular Resistance. WASHINGTON, DC - While the Board of the Smithsonian met at the Smithsonian Institute Building during the height of DC’s midday heat on Monday, over 100 [...]

What Does Charles Koch Get By Donating To George Mason U.?

By Samantha Parsons, -

The Charles Koch Foundation (CKF) is the largest donor to George Mason University, having contributed over $23 million since 2005 and millions more in years prior. Charles Koch has a history of [...]

Activists Demand WGBH Dump David Koch

By Chris Cassidy and Robert Greim , -

Nearly 100 environmental activists protested outside WGBH’s Brighton studios yesterday calling for conservative billionaire David Koch’s ouster from the public broadcaster’s board of [...]

Kochs, ALEC Threaten Campus Democracy At Universities

By Roshan Bliss, -

The process unfolding at Florida State University looks troublingly similar to much of American politics today: decision makers support outcomes or agendas favoring the rich and well-connected [...]

NYPD Detains Activists For Anti-Koch Graffiti

By Ben Davis, -

n Tuesday, three activists were detained by NYPD officers outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art after disrupting a gala honoring David H. Koch. The controversial billionaire was being fêted for [...]

Brooklyn College Says No To Koch Millions

By Steven Rosenfeld, -

Brooklyn College of the City University of New York has a new academic credential. Unlike an estimated 150 colleges and universities that have taken $56 million from the billionaire [...]

Inside The Koch Brothers’ Secret Billionaire Summit

By Lauren Windsor, -

Charles and David Koch wrapped up their annual summer seminar on June 16 in Dana Point, California, at the St. Regis Monarch Bay resort—a fitting location for two men whose combined net worth is [...]

Activists Rally Outside David Koch’s NY Home

By Jodie Gummow, -

“America Has a Koch Problem!” That was the hard-hitting theme of a block party protest hosted by New York activists and concerned citizens outside David Koch’s Park Avenue apartment on Thursday [...]