Three Way Conflict Between Kurds, Shia And Sunni Arabs In Syria

By Nauman Sadiq, -

By Nauman Sadiq. the ethnic and sectarian conflict in Syria and Iraq is actually a three-way conflict between the Sunni Arabs, the Shi’a Arabs and the Kurds. Although after the declaration of war [...]

Revolution In Rojava: An Antidote To The Crises Of Capitalism

By Steve Rushton, -

By Steve Rushton for While our supposed "democracy" is dominated by the 1%, this alternative uses local participative councils to direct society from the bottom up. While across the [...]

Military Is Obliterating Feminist, Democratic Leftists

By Debbie Bookchin, -

By Debbie Bookchin for The Nation. Turkey - Right now, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is undertaking a massive assault on Kurdish communities in southeastern Turkey in an effort to wipe [...]

Thoughts On Rojava: Admiration And Critique

By Janet Biehl and Zanyar Omrani, -

By Janet Biehl and Zanyar Omrani for ROAR Magazine - In this interview, independent filmmaker and journalist Zanyar Omrani talks to Janet Biehl about her late companion Murray Bookchin, her trips [...]

A Message Of Hope For The New Year

By Jack Balkwill for Dissident Voice. There have been many victories and we need to celebrate them. Among the victories was stopping the northern portion of the KXL pipeline, various new laws [...]

Governance Without Hierarchy, Patriarchy Or Capitalism

By Akbar Shahid Ahmed, -

By Akbar Shahid Ahmed for Huffington Post. ISTANBUL -- Last fall, Islamic State fighters launched a coordinated, large-scale assault on the Kurdish town of Kobani on Syria's northern border with [...]

Kurdish Struggle Continues, With A Smile And A Shrug

By Joris Leverink, -

By Joris Leverink for Telesur. The results of Turkey’s snap elections came as a shock to many, but especially to those who had bore the brunt of the AKP’s anger after the party had lost its [...]

This One Small Book Explains The Inspiring Rojava Revolution

By Steve Rushton, -

By Steve Rushton for Occupy - Rojava’s social revolution deserves more global attention and solidarity. The Kurdish autonomous region in Northern Syria is a working experiment creating a society [...]

The Kurds Liberating Themselves Through Grassroots Democracy

By Joris Leverink, -

By Joris Leverink for ROAR Magazine - The developments in Kurdistan — and especially in Rojava, the Kurdish region in northern Syria — have tickled the radical imagination of activists around the [...]