Russia’s Clear GMO Labeling Rules Reach The Shelves Across Eurasian Economic Union

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The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), including the countries of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Belarus, has introduced clear GMO labeling on all food and supplement products [...]

‘Natural’ Settlements Good For Consumers—But Ridding The Food Supply Of Pesticides Would Be Better

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According to the joint statement we issued with our co-plaintiffs, Beyond Pesticides and Moms Across America: At a time specified by the agreement, packaging for General Mills Nature Valley [...]

Judge Says Public Doesn’t Need Cancer Warning Label

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A California federal judge ruled on Tuesday that the public does not need a warning label to inform us that cancer-causing and harmful chemicals in glyphosate herbicides are in our food or [...]

Is Big Food’s Lobbying Arm On The Brink Of Extinction?

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At the height of the GMO labeling battle, we not-so-fondly referred to the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) as “Monsanto’s Evil Twin.” Last week, a former GMA executive told Politico that [...]

Monsanto’s Mess–Four Signs Consumers Are Winning

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By Katherine Paul for Organic Consumers Association - Next month will mark one year since Congress obliterated Vermont’s GMO labeling law and replaced it with its own faux-labeling measure. The [...]

Non-Profits Sue Monsanto Over Misleading Labeling Of Popular Herbicide Roundup

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By Katherine Paul for Organic Consumers Association - Washington, DC- Two nonprofit organizations filed a lawsuit against Monsanto for misleading the public by labeling its popular weedkiller [...]

Mandatory Carcinogen Warning On Monsanto’s Roundup Coming Soon

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By Stephen Fox for Op Ed News - California can require Monsanto to label its popular weed killer Roundup as a carcinogen, according to a ruling by a judge in Fresno, California, although the [...]

Largest Campaign Finance Fine In History For Anti-GMO Labeling Initiative

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By Staff of GMA - OLYMPIA — In a historic decision, a Thurston County Superior Court judge today ordered the Grocery Manufacturers Association to pay $18 million in penalties and punitive [...]

Non Profits Sue General Mills For False And Misleading Use Of ‘Natural’

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By Staff of Organic Consumers Association - Washington, DC - Today, three non profit organizations filed a lawsuit against General Mills for misleading the public by labeling their Nature Valley [...]

Senate Food Fight Erupts Over Sham GMO Labeling Bill

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By Lauren McCauley for Common Dreams - The pending "compromise" GMO labeling bill has food safety and consumer advocates both in and out of government scrambling to block the legislation, which [...]

Sold Out. Again.

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By Katherine Paul for Organic Consumers Association - It’s hard to know which is worse. The corporations that profit from poisoning your food and water. Or the politicians who will happily sell [...]

Peeling Back The Curtain On Monsanto

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By Paul Thacker for The Huffington Post - For nearly 30 years, Carey Gillam has worked as a business reporter covering corporate America, the last 17 of those with Reuters, where she specialized [...]

GMO Labeling Next Steps—Who Will Stabenow Dance With?

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By Katherine Paul for Organic Consumers Association - The late, great political columnist Molly Ivins, who railed relentlessly against money in politics, would be all over the GMO labeling fight. [...]

Monsanto’s Minions In Senate Move To Kill GMO Labeling

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By the Organic Consumers Association. Now that we’re so close to our first big GMO labeling victory—Vermont's mandatory labeling law scheduled to take effect July 1—Monsanto is going with the [...]

FDA Issues Ban On Imports Of Genetically Engineered Salmon

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By Abigail Abesamis for The Daily Meal - Just months after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved genetically engineered salmon for consumption, the FDA has issued a ban on the import [...]