Rank And File Journalist Wins Presidency Of CWA NewsGuild

By Steve Early, Popular Resistance. -

After a much-contested election process, the largest union of journalists in North America has chosen a 32-year old reporter at the Los Angeles Times to be its new leader, in the U.S. and [...]

Labor Struggles Unite Students And Workers

By Arvind Dilawar, Pacific Standard Magazine. -

New York City - Students making their way into the New School's University Center on May 8th passed through a gauntlet of labor demonstrations. Reaching the center on 5th Avenue between East 13th [...]

The Outcome In Arizona

By Eric Blanc, Jacobin Magazine. -

After an all-night encampment of striking educators, the Arizona state government passed a budget bill early this morning. To assess the strike and the settlement, Jacobin’s Eric Blanc spoke [...]

Chicago Teacher’s Strike Vote: Union Democracy In Action

By Michelle Strater Gunderson, www.livingindialogue.com -

By Michelle Strater Gunderson for Living in Dialogue. Chicago, IL - I sat in the House of Delegates of the Chicago Teachers Union on Wednesday night waiting to be counted as a yes vote for our [...]

Labor Should Shift Its Focus To Organizing Black Workers

By Andrew Elrod, www.inthesetimes.com -

In 1956, as Martin Luther King Jr. and Bayard Rustin struggled to sustain the historic boycott of segregated public transit in Montgomery, Alabama, Rustin turned to the union leader A. Phillip [...]

The Largest Union Vote In The United States This Year

By Jenny Brown, www.labornotes.org -

After many close votes against unionization, American Airlines passenger service agents scored an overwhelming victory September 16, voting 86 percent to unionize. The win covers 14,500 workers, [...]

Labor Almost Invisible On TV Talk

By FAIR, www.fair.org -

As the Labor Day holiday approaches, ask yourself how often you see unions represented on corporate-owned television. On the highest-profile public affairs shows, the answer is basically [...]