Health Care Workers Call On Labor Movement To Take Action

As health care workers, we condemn the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers as an act of racist violence. We condemn the murder of Breonna Taylor by Louisville police officers as [...]

NOLA Garbage Workers Form Union To Fightback

By Mike Elk, Payday Report. -

“We are digging in for a long fight,” says New Orleans striking sanitation worker Jonathan Edwards late on Thursday night about being fired in early May by People Ready, a contractor of New [...]

The Rebirth Of A Logistic Workers’ Movement?

By Flynn Murray, Dissent Magazine. -

UPS is now the largest private-sector unionized employer in the country. In this manner, it represents not only the changing nature of the industrial economy, but also the changing make-up of the [...]

Payday Report: Strikes Spread And Union Organizing Grows

By Mike Elk, Payday Report. -

The strikes in the Yakima Valley of Washington State continue to grow. Workers are already on strike at 7 major sites, and now they’re expected to strike on at least 6 more major sites this [...]

‘May Day’ Militancy Needed To Create The Economy We Need

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

Seventy years of attacks on the right to unionize have left the union movement representing only 10 percent of workers. The investor class has concentrated its power and uses its power in an [...]

Unions Back US Postal Service’s $75 Billion Pandemic Appeal

By Mark Gruenberg, Intrepid Report. -

Washington — Faced with a crash in mail volume and revenue due to closures to battle the coronavirus pandemic—right when the country needs the Postal Service the most to help get vital food, [...]

Hospital Food Workers And Janitors Are Stuck In A “Death Trap”

By Kari Lydersen, In These Times. -

The hospital where Kim Smith works is supposed to be a “safe haven,” says the patient care technician at Northwestern Memorial in Chicago. But now she feels it has become a “death trap.” Like [...]

Here’s What A General Strike Would Take

By Hamilton Nolan, In These Times. -

You know that things are getting serious when #GeneralStrike starts trending on Twitter. It happened last week when Donald Trump was publicly mulling the idea of sending Americans back to work by [...]

The FBI Is Investigating Massive Embezzlement Of Border Patrol Union Funds

By A.C. Thompson and Jeff Ernsthausen, Pro Publica. -

The FBI is investigating the disappearance of some $500,000 from the coffers of the powerful union representing the country’s roughly 20,000 Border Patrol agents, said the organization’s national [...]

United Steelworkers In Solidarity With The Massachusetts Indigenous Legislative Agenda

By Staff, -

Whereas, USW Local 8751 represents over 1,000 school bus drivers in Boston and Randolph, Mass., most of whose families are from Haiti, Cape Verde, Barbados, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Santo Domingo, [...]

Number Of Workers Represented By A Union Held Steady In 2019

By Staff, -

New data on unionization from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that in 2019, 16.4 million workers in the United States were represented by a union. There was very little change in this figure [...]

Missouri Unions Add 47,000 Members, Putting Total At A 15-Year High

By David Nicklaus, -

The defeat of a right-to-work law in 2018 seems to have given Missouri's unions a boost. Their membership grew by 46,000 last year, bucking a downward national trend. The increase boosted the [...]

French Unions Battle Macron In Make-Or-Break Pension Protest

By Tangi Salaün and Caroline Pailliez, -

Teargas swirled in Paris where riot police charged at demonstrators who hurled projectiles and lobbed insults in cat-and-mouse skirmishes as darkness fell. Some protesters dressed in black and [...]

French Public On Our Side, Says Defiant Union Boss Four Weeks Into Strike

By Staff, -

The head of a hardline French trade union on Friday vowed to press on with a crippling strike that has dampened the festive season, with the stoppages becoming the longest-lasting such action [...]

France Strike Update: “Prepare The General Strike!”

By Staff, -

More than a daily newspaper, Le Monde is an institution of the Fifth Republic. In this capacity, the paper is always on the look-out for the slightest signal that indicates the re-establishing of [...]