Striking Cookie Workers Refuse To Crumble

By Roberta Wood, People's World. -

Chicago - “We’re just tired!” April Flowers-Lewis told a rally in support of striking Mondelez workers*.* It’s not hard to see why the folks who make the nation’s cookies and crackers are [...]

CVS Workers Say Enough Is Enough

By Michael Sainato, The Guardian. -

Thousands of workers at CVS stores across California are demanding better pay, increased safety standards, healthcare improvements and more security for workers in new union contract [...]

WGAE Tensions Reflect An Age-Old Clash Of Labor Visions

By Ari Paul, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

The Writers Guild of America East has successfully organized digital journalism workers at numerous well-known outlets in the last several years, winning contract protections on things like [...]

Labor Shortage Leaves Union Workers Feeling More Emboldened

By Ben Finley And Tom Krisher, Portside. -

When negotiations failed to produce a new contract at a Volvo plant in Virginia this spring, its 2,900 workers went on strike. The company soon dangled what looked like a tempting offer — at [...]

Labor Day Lessons From The American Union Movement’s Hidden History

By Kim Kelly, NBC News. -

Last week marked the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Blair Mountain, the largest labor uprising in U.S. history. In 1921, around 10,000 coal miners in Logan County, West Virginia, who had been [...]

New York Times Tech Guild Walks Out, Into An Historic Fight

On August 11th, after months of management’s union-busting and stalling, New York Times tech workers staged the tech industry’s first ever walkout over unfair labor practices. Among the over 300 [...]

On Remembering Stanley Aronowitz

By Steve Early, New Politics. -

Brother Stanley Aronowitz was always ahead of the curve, with his criticism of the shortcomings of old labor and his envisioning of “a new workers movement” that might replace it. During the [...]

Hotels Don’t Waste A Crisis

By Saurav Sarkar, Labor Notes. -

Javier Gonzalez used to send money every two weeks to his 85- and 90-year-old parents in his home country. He had to stop because his employer, Boston Marriott Copley Place, terminated Gonzalez [...]

How One Union Uses Kitchen Table Economics To Advance Medicare For All

By Kari Thompson, Labor Notes. -

Using kitchen table economics is critical for winning workers over to Medicare for All. Before this training, members may be wary of trading something they’re familiar with for something that’s [...]

Puerto Rican Workers: No Peace If Energy Is Privatized

By  Worker's World. -

Union organizations today warned Governor Pedro Pierluisi and the Financial Oversight and Management Board that they will paralyze the country if the LUMA Energy contract — that increases rates, [...]

Amazon Is Inundating Workers With Anti-Union Messages

By Jordan Chariton, Status Coup. -

New York City - On the heels of Amazon’s scorched earth, and likely illegal, union-busting campaign in Bessemer, Alabama that defeated workers’ attempt to unionize, Status Coup has obtained [...]

Missouri Supreme Court Voids ‘Paycheck Protection’ Bill

By Kaitlyn Schallhorn, The Missouri Times. -

A 2018 law adding sweeping changes to how labor organizations — exempting, however, public safety unions — conduct business was struck down by the Missouri Supreme Court Tuesday. The Supreme [...]

Democratic Unions Get the Goods

By Alex N. Press, Jacobin Magazine. -

A new report coauthored by labor analyst Jane McAlevey presents overwhelming evidence that democratic unionism that puts workers at the center of collective bargaining wins strong contracts. Just [...]

Nestlé Workers Demand Equal Pay For Equal Work

By Ysh Cabana, Canadian Dimension. -

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, workers at the Nestlé manufacturing plant in Toronto’s west end are facing unfair conditions including part-time pay, pension cuts and precarious employment, and [...]

Workers At Steel Giant ArcelorMittal Go On Strike

By Hugo Maltais, WSWS. -

Canada - In northeastern Quebec, 2,500 ArcelorMittal workers have been on strike since May 10. The strikers, who work in mines, port facilities, rail lines and offices belonging to the [...]