After Sale, Valley Proteins Workers Continue Fight For Workplace Justice

By Lewis Kendall, Facing South. -

Valley Proteins, the Virginia-based rendering company at the center of an ongoing union organizing effort and a large class action lawsuit over alleged wage theft, has been sold. On Dec. 28, [...]

Workers Are The Best Guarantors Of Their Own Safety

By Janine Jackson, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

Officials in Bangladesh have filed murder charges against some of the people involved in the 2013 collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory that killed more than 1,100 mostly women workers, and [...]

Chicago’s COVID-19 Fight With Teachers Hangs Over A Second Week

By Press TV. -

Disputed issues included testing and metrics to close schools. The Chicago Teachers Union wants the option to revert to districtwide remote instruction, and most members have refused to teach [...]

After Years Of Setbacks, US Labor Demonstrates Its Power

By Monica Cruz, People's Dispatch. -

2021 was a historic year for labor in the US. An eruption of strikes, major contract wins, and workers quitting low-wage jobs in unprecedented numbers all signaled that workers en masse are ready [...]

Unions Are Not Only Good For Workers

By Asha Banerjee, Economic Policy Institute. -

We know that unions promote economic equality and build worker power, helping workers to win increases in pay, better benefits, and safer working conditions. But that’s not all unions do. [...]

Who Might Strike In 2022?

By Dan Dimaggio, Labor Notes. -

2021 saw high-profile strikes and contract battles that put unions in the public spotlight. And 2022 could potentially be more explosive. Workers are already sensing their increased leverage [...]

Low Wages And Exploitative Conditions Are Sparking Graduate Student Strikes

By Tyler Walicek, Truthout. -

Many graduate students find themselves caught between these multiple fronts: burdened with past student debt, earning sub-living-wage pay in their present work and facing dwindling future [...]

Auto Workers Win Direct Democracy In Referendum

By Jonah Furman, Labor Notes. -

The members of the United Auto Workers have voted overwhelmingly to move to a direct voting system for choosing their union leadership—“one member, one vote.” With all votes counted as of [...]

Kellogg’s Union Workers Reject New Contract

By Alex Woodward, Independent. -

Hundreds of striking union workers at four Kellogg’s cereal plants in the US have overwhelmingly voted to reject a tentative agreement on a five-year contract negotiated between the union and the [...]

‘Tell the Bosses We’re Coming’

By Eric Dirnbach, Organizing Upgrade. -

The ongoing debate about reviving the U.S. labor movement tries to grapple with the devastating decline in the union membership rate from one-third of the workforce in the 1950s to less than 11% [...]

When Scabs Are A Danger To Public Health

By Halsey Hazzard, In These Times. -

A dozen oil workers rally in front of the United Metro Energy (UMEC) terminal in Brooklyn on their 113th day on strike August 10. They’re fighting one of the largest suppliers of heating oil and [...]

Bolivian Organizations Reject Call For Strike And Destabilization

By Telesur English. -

Social organizations and various Bolivian unions rejected this Friday the call for a national strike for next November 8, made by sectors of the opposition that participated in the 2019 coup [...]

Kellogg Workers Are Still On Strike In Memphis And Across The Country

By Jason Kerzinski, Scalawag Magazine. -

As the sun rose in Memphis on October 18, Rodigah Blaylock stood in the brisk air outside the Kellogg plant with her fellow union members, waving signs that read "We Stand Strong" and "Equality [...]

Beneath Striketober Fanfare, The Lower Frequencies Of Class Struggle

By Luis Feliz Leon And Maximillian Alvarez, Labor Notes. -

As the rich and comfortable stayed indoors and rode out the worst months of the pandemic on their Peloton bikes, workers around the country shifted into a different gear. Ten thousand farming [...]

Can The United Auto Workers Be Democratized?

By Sarah Jaffe And Michelle Chen , Dissent Magazine. -

For decades, the United Auto Workers (UAW) has been controlled by a tight-knit group of insiders known for its opacity and corrupt tendencies, leading many rank-and-file members to criticize the [...]