When Conservation Means Fencing Out Black Farmers

By Tony Briscoe, In These Times. -

The Sweet Fern Savanna Land and Water Reserve, in the heart of Pembroke Township, Illinois, offers a glimpse into what much of the area looked like before European settlers drained swamps and [...]

Haudenosaunee Chiefs Declare Development Moratorium

By Brett Forester, APT News. -

Traditional Six Nations chiefs have declared a formal moratorium on development within the Haldimand Tract, a broad swath of land spanning 10 kms from either side of the Grand River as it winds [...]

Overview Of Struggles And Violations Imposed Upon Palestinian Farmers, Fisherpersons, And Herders

By La Via Campesina. -

Prior to the war of 1948, Palestinians owned approximately 78% of total area of historical Palestine, the remaining were state land “as classified by British mandate at that time. Today, in 2021, [...]

‘Poor Rich Haiti’

By Lautaro Rivara, People's Dispatch. -

Haiti’s borders are curious. The small country is bordered to the east by the Dominican Republic, dividing in two the territory of the island of Hispaniola. To the west it borders the Caribbean [...]

Land Grab Universities

By Robert Lee and Tristan Ahtone, High Country News. -

On August 29, 1911, a Yahi man known as Ishi came out of hiding near Oroville, California. He had spent decades evading settlers after the massacre of his community in the 1860s and had recently [...]

Brazil: Favela Residents And Indigenous Communities Among Those Most At Risk Of COVID-19

By Alexander Main, CEPR.net. -

As of noon on April 8th the total number of Covid-19 positive cases reported by Brazil’s health ministry exceeded 14,000 and the number of deaths exceeded 700. This is, by far, the highest number [...]

World Bank – IMF Guilty Of Promoting Land Grabs, Increasing Inequality

By Staff, Viacampesina.org -

07 OCTOBER, BALI: At a meeting of La Via Campesina facilitated by Serikat Petani Indonesia (SPI) in Bali, peasant organizations from Asia, Africa, Americas, and Europe have unanimously held World [...]

African Peasants Highlight Interconnected Struggles At Via Campesina Global Conference

By Boaventura Monjane, www.towardfreedom.com -

By Boaventura Monjane for Toward Freedom - (Derio, Basque Country) Peasants across Africa are intensifying their struggles against land grabs and other harmful policies that promote industrial [...]

Citizens Begin Reclaiming Coal Country After Decades Of Corporate Land Grabs

By Emma Eisenberg, www.yesmagazine.org -

By Emma Eisenberg for Yes! Magazine - “Land is the most important thing to us, yet it’s not clear at all who owns it,” says Karen Rignall, assistant professor of community and leadership [...]

Ranchers Mutilate Indigenous People Demanding Land Back

By Staff, www.survivalinternational.org -

By Survival International. Brazil - Thirteen Brazilian Indians have been hospitalized after a brutally violent attack by men armed with machetes in the Amazon. One man appears to have had his [...]

Zuckerberg Suing Native Hawaiians For Ancestral Lands

By Staff, www.indiancountrymedianetwork.com -

By Indian Country Media Network. In an effort to make the 700 acres of beachfront property he purchased in 2014 on the North Shore of Kauai as secluded as possible, three companies controlled by [...]

Ute Tribe: Utah Republican Pushes Modern Day Indian Land Grab

By Staff, www.indianz.com -

By Staff of Indianz - In the next few weeks Congressman Rob Bishop will attempt to push through the U.S. House of Representatives the first Indian land grab in over 100 years. H.R. 5780, the Utah [...]

Communities Strengthen Resistance Against Mining

By Staff, www.educaoaxaca.org -

By EDUCA Oaxaca. Mexico - In the community of Cerro de las Huertas, Ejutla de Crespo (Oaxaca) representatives of 48 communities and 30 social organizations participated on January 29 and 30 in [...]

The Blood Of The Earth: Agriculture, Land Rights, And Haitian History

By Beverly Bell, www.otherworldsarepossible.org -

By Beverly Bell for Other Worlds - Today we live in a crucial moment in which peasants are confronting challenges as they grapple with global warming, with the power of multinational companies [...]

Children Traumatized By World Bank

By Jocelyn Zuckerman and Michael W. Hudson, www.huffingtonpost.com -

By Jocelyn Zuckerman and Michael W. Hudson for the Huffington Post. Sungai Beruang, Indonesia -- Revan Pragustiawan loved his home by the river. The little boy’s ancestors built the place in a [...]

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