LAPD Commission Approves Drone Pilot Program Amid Protest

By Wes Woods and Brenda Gazzar, -

By Wes Woods and Brenda Gazzar for Los Angeles Daily News - The civilian Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday approved a one-year pilot program for the use of drones by police in certain [...]

LAPD Officer Receives Community Service After Beating Handcuffed Man Unconscious

By Andrew Emett, -

By Andrew Emett for Nation of Change - Captured on video beating an apprehended suspect unconscious, an LAPD officer will avoid serving any jail time after prosecutors agreed to community service [...]

Newsletter: Justice Takes A Lifetime

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The #BlackLivesMatter movement continues to grow its power and have notable victories, but 600 hundred years of racial oppression, [...]

Newark’s New Disciplinary Board Could Control And Limit Police

By Daniel Ross, -

By Daniel Ross in Yes! Magazine - Just over a year ago, Ezell Ford, a 25-year-old mentally ill black man, was shot and killed by two LAPD officers in South Los Angeles. Ford was unarmed, though [...]

Watts: Remember What They Built, Not What They Burned

By Robin D. G. Kelley, -

By Robin D. G. Kelley in LA Times - As we mark 50 years since the Watts riots, expect endless newsreel footage of buildings aflame and National Guard units occupying Central Avenue, experts [...]

LAPD Pressed Gun To Chest & Shot Unarmed Homeless Man

By Jeff Sharlet, -

By Jeff Sharlet un GQ - Five months after the March 1 Los Angeles police killing of an unarmed black man named Charly "Africa" Keunang—a story I reported in-depth for the July issue of GQ—the Los [...]

LAPD Convinces LA Times To Fire Editorial Cartoonist, Ted Rall

By Ted Rall, -

By Ted Rall in A New Domain - As an editorial cartoonist for The Los Angeles Times, I have drawn numerous cartoons critical of the Los Angeles Police Department’s abuse, corruption and [...]

Activists Took Over Special Board Meeting On LAPD’s Use Of Violence

By PM Beers, -

By PM Beers in The Anti-Media - Last Wednesday, the city decided to hold another meaningless meeting. It was intended allow community members upset with police violence against minorities a [...]

After A Week, Police Bust Up Occupy LAPD Camp-In, Arrest 2 Women

By Veronica Rocha, -

For seven days, organizers with the regional Black Lives Matter movement camped peacefully outside Los Angeles police headquarters downtown, calling their protest "Occupy LAPD." They had a set [...]