Deception 2020: Every Vote Counts (Many Restrictions Apply)

By Eleanor Goldfield, Art Killing Apathy. -

In this seventh installment of the Deception 2020 Series, we dig into literal and figurative levers of electoral power. How legit are our elections? And if they aren't, what are we even saying [...]

Truthdig Employees Stop Work To Protest Labor Conditions

By Amelia Pang, Popular Resistance. -

California - Senior editors and contributors at Truthdig, including Executive Editor Kasia Anderson, Managing Editor, Jacob Sugarman, Foreign Editor Natasha Hakimi Zapata and Book Editor Eunice [...]

Day 2 Of Countdown To Launch: Lee Camp

By Popular Resistance, -

Lee Camp is a political comedian, writer, actor and activist. He was a member of the team that organized the occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC and has been a long time contributor to [...]

Act Out! Think Before You Pink, Lee Camp & California Battles The Bottle

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

By Eleanor Goldfield for Act Out! - Think before you pink – it's October and pink-washing is in full swing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month but here are several reasons why you should abstain [...]

Lee Camp’s New TV Show + a New Populist Political Party Emerges from Occupy {aTV 003}

Several activists who were early initiators behind the Occupy movement have formed a new political party, The After Party. Carl Gibson and Radio Raheem [...]

Lee Camp Interview: Redacted Tonight

Lee Camp sits down for an interview with Dennis Trainor, Jr. to discuss his new 30-munite weekly comedy show on RT, Redacted [...]

Video: Obama Out Orwelled Orwell – Lee Camp Interview

By Dennis Trainor Jr, -

Watching Barack Obama’s 5th State of the Union address it and he may as well have been delivering the state of the Union for the Superstate Oceania, the fictional empire mired in perpetual war [...]