Neither Washington Nor Beijing?

By Carlos Martinez, Invent the Future. -

A newcomer to politics would likely assume that members of the global left support the People’s Republic of China. It is after all led by a communist party, with Marxism as its guiding ideology. [...]

Ecuador’s Left Is Back

By Denis Rogatyuk, Tribune Magazine. -

Since the beginning of the right-wing turn by Moreno’s government and the political persecution of the key leaders of the Citizen Revolution—most notably Rafael Correa and Jorge Glas—countless [...]

On The Critical Predation Of China

By the Qiao Collective. -

Amidst the feverish critiques of China made by a growing cadre of “China scholars,” “media watchers,” and “think tank freelancers” across the Western world (the “free world,” they might tell [...]

Scheer Intelligence: The Egregious Price America Exacts For Integrity

By Robert Scheer, -

“George and Mary Oppen were branded enemies of the state,” writes Joel Whitney in a recent essay for The Poetry Foundation titled “The Violent Years.” “Their FBI files document just how deep [...]

Facebook Purges Left-Wing Pages And Individuals

By Andre Damon, WSWS. -

On Friday, Facebook carried out a purge of left-wing, antiwar and progressive pages and accounts, including leading members of the Socialist Equality Party. Facebook gave no explanation why the [...]

The Rosenberg Orphans And The Power Of Radical History

By Annie Levin, Current Affairs. -

The Left would go crazy over Jewish American dissidents Abel and Anne Meeropol if they were alive today. Their tale is a radical epic so poignant that one wonders where the 10-part miniseries is. [...]

Nine Reasons Why There Was No People’s Rebellion Against A Fascist President

By Paul Street, Counterpunch. -

Last Friday’s New York Times included Paul Krugman’s elementarily accurate editorial observation that “Donald Trump…is indeed a fascist – an authoritarian willing to use violence to achieve his [...]

The Political Lessons Of The Pandemic

By Joseph Kishore and David North, WSWS. -

1. As the New Year begins, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep across the globe. This is a world crisis of vast historical significance. The pandemic is a “trigger event” that manifests in a [...]

Max Blumenthal Meets Rafael Correa In Venezuela

By Max Blumenthal, The Grayzone. -

Max Blumenthal interviews former Ecuador President Rafael Correa, who was in Venezuela to observe its legislative elections and show support to a government under sustained economic and political [...]

Puerto Rico 2021: A Shift In Perspective, A New Opposition

By Luis Fernando Coss, NACLA. -

One of the things often taken for granted by the independence and socialist movement is knowing when to claim a victory. As a consequence of suffering so many blows throughout its history, the [...]

On Contact: Wrecking The left

On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to journalist Diana Johnstone about the betrayal of the left with its historical role as the champion of social justice and peace now replaced with the [...]

How Do We Solve A Problem Like Amazon?

By Craig Gent, Novara Media. -

Progressive International has launched a global campaign to #MakeAmazonPay. Yet for two decades numerous unions and campaigns across the globe have scratched their heads wondering how to curb the [...]

Brazilian Elections – A Day Of Shame For The Far Right

By Brian Mier, Brasilwire. -

On Sunday, November 15, over 147 million Brazilians went to the polls in the largest round of local elections in the nation’s history. One state, Amapa, had to cancel most of its elections due [...]

Brazil: Municipal Elections Promise Gains For Left

By Brian Mier, -

On Sunday, November 15, residents of Brazil’s 5570 municipalities will vote for mayors and city councilors in what promises to be a day of moderate gains by left wing political parties and [...]

After Bolivia, Never Again

By La Paz Declaration signatories. -

They said that the beasts and savages would never return to Bolivia, as they killed our brothers, persecuted and detained us and burned our houses and radio stations. But we have returned, [...]