What Makes Illinois’ Marijuana Legalization Bill So Progressive

By Ramenda Cyrus, Inthesetimes.com -

On May 31, the Illinois House of Representatives passed what is perhaps the most progressive recreational marijuana usage bill in the United States, by a margin of 66-47. The bill passed in the [...]

80,000 Chileans March To Legalize Medical Marijuana, Regulate Recreational Use

By Staff, Telesurenglish.net -

Thousands of Chileans demonstrated Saturday in the center of Santiago to demand immediate changes to the way medical and recreational cannabis is regulated and accessed. The fifteenth "Cultivate [...]

Adult Use Legalization Associated With Increased Home Values

By Staff, Norml.org -

St. Louis, MO: The passage of statewide adult use marijuana laws is associated with an immediate uptick in housing prices, according to an assessment published by the online service Clever Real [...]

Washington: Most Teens Not Using More Marijuana Following Legalization

By Staff, Norml.org -

Spokane, WA: The enactment of adult use marijuana sales in Washington state is not associated with upticks in self-reported marijuana use by most teens, according to data published in The Journal [...]

Fentanyl Maker Donates Big To Campaign Opposing Pot Legalization

By Steven Nelson, Usnews.com -

AN EMBATTLED pharmaceutical company that sells the powerful painkiller fentanyl has donated $500,000 toward defeating a ballot initiative that would make recreational use of marijuana legal under [...]

The Vast Impact Of Legalizing Hemp

By Staff, World5.org -

The Empire doesn't understand yet what has happened. Legalizing hemp farming and hemp industries will have a profound impact on our local communities, our soil, our ecosystems and our culture at [...]

The Return Of Reefer Madness

By Ari Paul, Fair.org -

Nationwide, marijuana legalization is becoming more normal. Colorado’s dispensaries are hailed as an economic success story, and other states are following suit—New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has [...]

Legal Weed Is Great, But Black And Brown Communities Can’t Be Left Behind

By Katelyn Johnson, Inthesetimes.com -

In March 2017, Illinois State Rep. Kelly Cassidy and Sen. Heather Steans began co-drafting the Tax & Regulate Cannabis like Alcohol bill. In the nearly two years since, Chicago NORML, a local [...]

Green Wave: Marijuana Initiatives Win Three Of Four In Midterms

By Phil Smith Drug Reporter -

The expansion of legal marijuana continued apace in Tuesday’s elections, with medical marijuana initiatives winning in Missouri and Utah and recreational marijuana winning in Michigan. Voters in [...]

Two New Polls Suggest Pot Prohibition’s Days Are Numbered

By Phillip Smith, Drug Reporter IndependentMediaInstitute.org -

Two of the country's top polling organizations have released surveys this month showing support for marijuana legalization continues to increase and is now at record highs. A Gallup poll released [...]

Canada Legalises Recreational Marijuana Nationwide

By Emily Shugerman, Independent.co.uk -

Canada has legalised the use of recreational marijuana nationwide, making it the first G7 country to do so. The Senate voted 52-29 on Tuesday to pass the Cannabis Act, which allows people over [...]

Big Pharma Corp Trying To Keep Pot Illegal Approved To Manufacture Synthetic Marijuana

By Ruth Milka, Nationofchange.org -

“It appears they are trying to kill a non-pharmaceutical market for marijuana in order to line their own pockets.” Insys Therapeutics, a major pharmaceutical company, has spent over $500,000 [...]

The Logic Of Drug Legalization

By Jeff Berg, theguardian.com -

By Jeff Berg for Counter Punch - The Drug Lords of today exist because of the extraordinary profits resulting from criminalization. Estimates run in the half a trillion range globally per year. [...]

Nevada Becomes Fifth State Where You Can Buy Legal Marijuana

By Matt Ferner , Nick Wing, www.huffingtonpost.com -

By Matt Ferner , Nick Wing for Huff Post. Adults who are at least 21 years old can now legally purchase recreational marijuana from select retail shops in Nevada. Sales began just after [...]