California Becomes First State Requiring All New Homes Be Built With Solar

By Rob Nikolewski, -

Environmental groups hailed the decision, pointing to estimates that energy use in buildings account for about one-fourth of greenhouse gas emissions in California. The state’s four [...]

‘People Have To Strengthen The Laws Protecting The Water’

By Janine Jackson, -

Janine Jackson: It is impossible, really, not to connect two recent pieces of news: Residents of Flint, Michigan, have been told that the state that poisoned their drinking water will no longer [...]

Oakland Passes “Strongest” Surveillance Oversight Law In US

Cyrus Farivar, -

OAKLAND, Calif.—Late Tuesday evening, the Oakland City Council formally approved a new city ordinance that imposes community control over the use of surveillance technology in the city. Oakland [...]

Food Policy Action Plans Broad-Based Opposition To Draft Farm Bill

By Staff, -

On May 8-9th, 2018, Food Policy Action (FPA) is mobilizing stakeholders from across the United States to voice their united opposition to the draft 2018 Farm Bill released by the House [...]

Under Louisiana Bill, Peaceful Protesters Could Face 20 Years In Prison

By Christine Baniewicz, -

"It's a good bill," he said, then motioned for favorable passage. Ninety-seven legislators voted yay, three voted nay, and just like that, all 4.6 million residents of Louisiana took a step [...]

AT&T And Cable Lobby Are Terrified Of A California Net Neutrality Bill

By Jon Brodkin, -

Internet service providers celebrated four months ago when the Federal Communications Commission voted to eliminate nationwide net neutrality rules that prohibit blocking, throttling, and paid [...]

Speak-Out Held In Senator Sanders’ Office For Critical Improvements To His Bill

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

Ed Klein from Freeport, IL is currently on Medicare, but he has found it does not pay the cost of a very expensive essential medicine he needs. He wants Medicare to be improved to cover those [...]

Utilities Kill Solar Bill Despite Majority Support In SC House

By Sammy Fretwell, -

Under pressure from the state's major utilities, the S.C. House killed a solar bill Tuesday that was intended to protect thousands of jobs and save customers money on their monthly power bills. [...]

Louisiana And Minnesota Introduce Anti-Protest Bills Amid Fights Over Bayou Bridge And Enbridge Pipelines

By Alleen Brown and Will Parrish,   -

THIS WEEK, THE Louisiana House of Representatives introduced new legislation aimed at criminalizing the activities of groups protesting the extraction, burning, and transport of oil and gas. The [...]

Most Panhandling Laws Are Unconstitutional Since There’s No Freedom From Speech

By Joseph W. Mead, -

Thousands of U.S. cities restrict panhandling in some way. These ordinances limit face-to-face soliciting, including interactions that occur on sidewalks and alongside roads, whether they are [...]

Protest Senator Kennedy’s Net Neutrality-Destroying Bill

By Staff, -

Politico is now reporting that Senator Kennedy says he is still considering supporting the CRA. If he truly cares about the open Internet, he should publicly state his support for the CRA and [...]

Anti-Protest Legislation: Implications For Social Movements

By Staff, -

Since the end of 2016, nearly 60 bills have been proposed in state legislatures which limit the right to protest or remove liability for harm caused to protesters. This wave of anti-protest [...]

States Mull “Sanctuary” Status For Marijuana Businesses

By Becky Bohrer, -

JUNEAU, Alaska — Taking a cue from the fight over immigration, some states that have legalized marijuana are considering providing so-called sanctuary status for licensed pot businesses, hoping [...]

West Virginia Gas Companies Wined And Dined Lawmakers Before Scoring Favorable Fracking Legislation

By Alex Kotch, -

A country club luncheon. A $130 steak dinner. A whiskey tasting. Dinner at an historic neo-Georgian mansion. These are just a few examples of the many occasions last year when oil and gas [...]

Voter Suppression Law Goes On Trial

By Sam Levine, -

In 2013, Donna Bucci, a woman in her 50′s living in Wichita, Kansas, went to renew her driver’s license. Bucci had been Kansas resident for a few years, and decided to use her trip to the DMV as [...]