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Liberation Economist, Part Two

The theme of software licensing is very interesting. One time Richard Stallman was in Curitiba and stayed at my house for a week. He and I had many conversations about this and in the end wrote a joint statement on the importance of linking free software and solidarity economy, developing solutions for the solidarity economy that are truly free, libre, etc. But I posed to him an ethical problem: free software, precisely because its license allows for its use for any purpose, can lead to its use for ends that are not liberating, purposes tied to exploitation, domination, ecological degradation, or what have you. To what extent does a totally unlimited freedom, with no ethical parameters, contribute to the real expansion of freedom for all and not just some?

‘We Must Fight’; Who Will Write The Last Chapter Of Our Nakba?

"Thank you, a thousand times over! Our sadness has now grown up and become a man. And now, we must fight.” That was the closing verse of a short but influential poem by iconic Palestinian poet, Samih Al-Qasim. It is entitled, "Rafah's Children." Al-Qasim’s poem was published in 1971, over half a century before Israel began its invasion of Rafah, the apex of its supposed military achievement – read genocide – in Gaza, which started in October 2023. The poem identified two major characters in Palestine's ongoing tragedy, starting with the Nakba in 1948: The Israeli, as a representation of war, and the Palestinian people, as a symbol of sumud - steadfastness.

Liberation Economist Part One

By applying theoretical principles of network analysis to economics, I was able to formulate a strategy of collaborative solidarity networks as a means of economic liberation. This work had a very controversial scientific dimension and I wanted to give it a consistent formulation. So, in the late 1990s, I developed software to demonstrate the possibility of making consistent projections by modeling economic flows. That is, at the outset the goal was to create a simulation of economic feedback flows, on a scientific basis, in order to test the validity of the approach. The first program – RedeSol (Rede Solidária) – was published in 1999, and was available to download on a software repository in Brazil.

From The Rivers To The Seas Of The World, The Peoples Of This Planet Must Be Liberated

Gaza dramatically stripped away the murderous hypocrisy and deadly intransigence of U.S. and Western imperialism’s commitment to maintaining global hegemony by “any means necessary,” including using the weapon of genocide. For the Black Alliance for Peace, we have not been surprised by the barbarism of the U.S. and Israeli settler states. In fact, everything that has transpired since our founding in 2017 was predicted, including the jettisoning of all pretense to any commitment to so-called liberal values by the  White West as it pursued its military-first strategies.

The Myth Of Palestinian Division

Palestinians are divided and do not know what they want; Palestinians have no leadership; Palestinians need a Nelson Mandela; these are some of the statements made by people who are “experts” on Palestine. It is time to refute these claims and place them in the appropriate place – the garbage. Let’s go through these claims one by one. I have never met a Palestinian who does not want to see all of Palestine free and every refugee return. I do not believe such a Palestinian exists. So there is no division there. When people claim that Palestinians are divided, they are referring to the Hamas-Fateh divide.

China Affirms Palestinian People’s Right To Wage Armed Struggle

The government of China has made an extremely important statement affirming the right of the Palestinian people to engage in armed struggle for liberation. Speaking on February 22, on the second day of the International Court of Justice (ICJ)’s hearings on ‘The Legal Consequences arising from the Policies and Practices of Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jersusalem’, held at the Hague, Holland, Ma Xinmin, Legal Adviser to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, referring to the results of the ‘Six Day War’ in June 1967, that 57 years have passed since Israel began its occupation and that the unlawful nature of the occupation as well as the sovereignty over the occupied territory remain unchanged.

We Fight With Our Eyes; We Plant Seeds With Our Hands

In the ancient time of national liberation, when partisans walked among the people in rural hamlets or small towns, they carried their message forward in the palms of their hands, their rifles slung over their shoulders, newspapers and pamphlets in their bags. Given the prevalence of illiteracy in the colonised world, partisans often gathered people around small fires and read these texts aloud (it is fitting that the Latin word for ‘fire’ is focus). This literature of national liberation shared theories of exploitation and oppression that made sense to the people and encouraged them to join the struggle in their own way.

Palestinian Youth Movement” ‘Our People Cannot Afford For Us To Fail’

Israel’s war on Gaza has ignited a firestorm of international condemnation. In the midst of this outrage, organizations like the Palestinian Youth Movement have spearheaded a global mass movement to fight Israel’s genocide and to stand in solidarity with Palestine. With the temporary truce in Gaza likely ending, this mass movement faces a critical juncture. Yara Shoufani of the Palestinian Youth Movement speaks with The Real News about the tasks of the Western left in this moment, the opportunity to revive anti-imperialism and anti-colonialism as core pillars of the left, and the central role of Palestinian struggle in “sharpening the contradictions” of a status quo that may be breaking apart before our eyes.

A Flower Blooms For Palestine

The spoken word poem “There are Flowers Blooming in Antarctica,” shared on TikTok by user, speaks of the modern-day man-made horrors that confront us. It highlights the contradictions of witnessing flowers bloom in Antarctica—a reminder of climate change and impending collapse—amidst governmental apathy along with grim reality of observing genocide in Palestine. The resonating words “there are flowers blooming in Antarctica” echo Palestine’s struggle for liberation, a battle not confined geographically, reverberates globally, its ripples reaching the verdant forests of Atlanta, Georgia.

To Palestine: Lessons From Overthrowing The French In Algeria

Sixty-six years ago, in the midst of a raging war, the renowned French-Algerian writer Albert Camus delivered his most perilous political speech. On the surface, his speech called for a civil truce in Algeria, but beneath the surface, it subtly rejected Arab nationalist aspirations. In its essence, Camus expressed a humanist commitment to shared possibilities in a land shared by colonizers and the colonized. Amidst calls for armed resistance, Camus, a member of the Pieds-Noirs, the French-Algerian community, positioned himself as an outsider to the colonizer/colonized dichotomy. He aimed to be a mediator, above all, who despised indiscriminate violence and sought dialogue, and a truce, among the French and the Arabs of Algeria.

From Palestine To The Black South, Journalism Is Exposing Injustice

There’s no shortage of dangerous narratives about the South: that people vote for their own oppressors, that the South is decades behind, that it can’t be saved. Perhaps on the last note there’s a kernel of truth: the South doesn’t need saving. If you read Scalawag magazine, you know that Southerners are saving themselves. Since 2015, Scalawag has produced essential coverage of Southern organizing for collective liberation. From investigative deep dives on Alabama prison facilities to expansive meditations on Black women’s grief, Scalawag grapples fearlessly with the crises of police violence, mass incarceration and capitalism, and spotlights organizers and movements that are fighting towards the world we so desperately need.

‘Human Catastrophe’ In Gaza As Israel Prepares For Ground Invasion

Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip has now entered its fifth day on Wednesday, October 11. Israeli airstrikes continued through Tuesday night and into Wednesday, targeting factories, shops, residential buildings, and a university, killing at least 30 Palestinians and wounding hundreds of others. Health officials in Gaza say medical facilities across the Strip are on the brink of collapse, as officials announce the shutdown of Gaza’s sole power plant, plunging the Strip into total darkness. Mondoweiss Gaza correspondent Tareq Hajjaj says that internet connection and cell service are still extremely difficult to come by in Gaza, after Israel bombed the central company that provides internet to Gaza City.

A Matter Of Justice

I was nine years old (1948) when there was HUGE celebration in the Bronx at the founding of the state of Israel. No one told me that Arabs had lived on that land for centuries and were displaced by force, tens of thousands of them crammed into postage-stamp-size Gaza, now host to two million Palestinians. The Religious ‘Justification’: Zionist Jews, like the ones now in power in Israel, claim God gave them the land they now occupy. They cite Deuteronomy. But given the way they treat Arabs, they ignore the fact that, according to Deuteronomy, it was a two-part ‘deal’. By their oppression of the Arab population, Israel’s leaders push aside the condition God is said to have imposed on their “inheritance”. It was an “only if”.

Al-Qassam Commander: ‘Today, People Claim Their Revolution’

The Zionist colonial occupation occupied our Palestinian homeland and displaced our people, destroyed our towns and villages, committed hundreds of massacres against our people, killing children, women, and elderly people and demolishing homes with their inhabitants inside in violation of all international norms and laws and human rights conventions. We have previously warned the Israeli occupation against continuing their crimes and appealed to world leaders to work on putting an end to the Israeli crimes against our Palestinian people and detainees and their holy sites and homeland and to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to abide by international law and resolutions. Neither did the Israeli occupation leaders heed our demands nor did the world leaders act in this regard. Instead, the Israeli occupation intensified its crimes, crossing all red lines, particularly in occupied Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque – the Muslims’ first Qibla and third holiest site.

Al-Aqsa Flood

I received dozens of messages inquiring about my thoughts on what is going on now in Palestine and how we are doing and what is going to happen. I also did some TV & Radio interviews. It is really very simple: we have 15 million native Palestinians, 8 million of us are refugees or displaced people (2/3rd of Gaza's 2.2 million are refugees). Israel cannot be allowed to get away with stealing lands and resources and setting up a racist apartheid regime. Even besieged, starving, blockaded people in Gaza manage to break through their prison walls.  Miraculously they managed to defeat the supposedly most sophisticated intelligence and military force in the world.
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