March 8: Day Of Revolutionary And Working Women, Not Queens And Exploiters

By Cecilia Zamudio, Resumen English. -

On the 8th of March, we commemorate working women, revolutionary women. Clara Zetkin, later a founder of the German Communist Party, proposed the commemoration in a conference of socialist women [...]

The Right To Live In Peace

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. -

On a warm late February day in Santiago, I went to the grave of Victor Jara to pay homage to the man who was brutally killed on 16 September 1973. A theatre director, songwriter, and communist, [...]

The Revolutionary Promise Of New Year’s Day

By New Frame. -

The celebration of New Year’s Day as a moment to contemplate renewal, usually personal renewal, follows the calendar adopted by Julius Caesar in 46BC. Designed by Greek mathematicians and [...]

Towards Gender Liberation

By Cecilia Gingerich, -

By Cecilia Gingerich for The Next System Project - We are in a time of deepening systemic crisis. Throughout the world, we see staggering levels of economic inequality, unchecked extractive [...]

The Legacy of Malcolm X

By Ahmed Shawki, -

By Ahmed Shawki for Jacobin. After his visit to Africa, Malcolm began to argue that the black struggle in the United States was part of an international struggle, one that he connected to the [...]

Liberation And Ethics. Is There A Connection? -

By Raymond Suttner for Polity - It is no exaggeration to suggest that the legitimacy not only of President Jacob Zuma and the ANC, but also the notion of the liberation struggle itself is in [...]

Dismantling Neoliberal Education: A Lesson From Zapatistas

By Levi Gahman, -

By Levi Gahman for ROAR Magazine - The story of the Zapatistas is one of dignity, outrage, and grit. It is an enduring saga of over 500 years of resistance to the attempted conquest of the land [...]

Why We Disrupted Hillary Clinton On Behalf Of Black Trans Women

By Rian Brown and Angela Peoples, -

By Rian Brown and Angela Peoples in Get Equal - Last week, we disrupted Hillary Clinton’s campaign event in Cleveland, OH, asking her to “divest from private prisons, invest in black trans [...]

Chris Hedges Interviews Cornel West On Black Prophetic Tradition

Interview with Cornel West by Chris Hedges, -

Interview with Cornel West by Chris Hedges - Absolutely. Look at somebody like Ella Baker, who deserves so much more attention. She spends so much of her years, her later years, with the Puerto [...]

We Gon’ Be Alright: Black Love, Black Resistance & Black Liberation

By Alicia Garza, -

By Alicia Garza in Truth Out - Coming together across different ideologies, generations, geographies and experiences, participants in the Movement for Black Lives have the potential, the [...]

Read Mumia

By David Swanson, -

By David Swanson - Yes, I also want to say Free Mumia. In fact, I want to say Free all the prisoners. Turn the prison holding Mumia Abu-Jamal into a school and make him dean. And if you won't [...]

Shivaani’s Journey As A Transgender Indian Woman

By Setareh Baig, -

By Setareh Baig in FSU News - Ehsaan helped inaugurate Transgender Liberation Front, a Tallahassee organization that advocates for transgender women, specifically women in color. They advocated [...]

‘Black Women & Girls Matter’ Wave Of Protests To Sweep Country

Mya Hall. Aiyana Jones. Rekia Boyd. These are a few of the names that will be held up in Thursday's national day of action, slated to sweep at least 17 cities across the United States, demanding [...]

Finishing School For Pickets; Learning Insubordination

By Paula Giddings and Howard Zinn, -

Zinn was of Russian-Jewish heritage, an influential historian and, in 1960, a beloved professor at Spelman College, the historically black women’s institution in the then-segregated city of [...]

Recommit To Women’s Liberation

By Lindsey German and Nina Power, -

Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of International Women's Day. First agreed at a socialist women's conference in Copenhagen in 1910, its aim was to campaign for the rights of working [...]