Is Big Food’s Lobbying Arm On The Brink Of Extinction?

By Katherine Paul, -

At the height of the GMO labeling battle, we not-so-fondly referred to the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) as “Monsanto’s Evil Twin.” Last week, a former GMA executive told Politico that [...]

Fossil Fuel Donors Shaped Anti-Climate Agenda Of Congressional Committee

By Marianne Lavelle and David Hasemyer, -

By Marianne Lavelle and David Hasemyer for Inside Climate News - FREDERICKSBURG, Texas—It's midway through fall, and cold has yet to settle over the Eckhardt family orchard. So, Diane Eckhardt [...]

People Power Can Still Stop The Tax Theft, Here’s How

By Taylor Lincoln, -

By Taylor Lincoln for Citizen Vox - A total of 6,243 lobbyists have been listed on lobbying disclosure forms as working on issues involving the word “tax” in 2017. That equals 57 percent of the [...]

Lobbying To Undermine Opponents Of Yemen War

By Alex Emmons, -

By Alex Emmons for The Intercept - STARVING CHILDREN WITH haunting eyes and emaciated bodies. Bombed-out hospitals and homes. A cholera epidemic that is the largest and fastest-spreading in [...]

Northam Hid Dominion Execs & Lobbyists In Transition Team

By Itai Vardi, -

By Itai Vardi for Desmog Blog - Virginia’s Democratic governor-elect, Ralph Northam, announced his transition committee this week. In a press release, his office listed 85 individuals who will [...]

Bezos Cashes In On Lobbying Washington With Amazon’s $53 Billion Deal

By Whitney Webb, -

By Whitney Webb for The Mint Press News - The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2018, in addition to including passages involving regime change in Venezuela and exorbitant [...]

Israel Lobby Is Slowly Being Dragged Into The Light

By Jonathan Cook, -

By Jonathan Cook for Counter Punch - The scandal surrounding Priti Patel, who was forced to resign as Britain’s international aid minister last week after secret meetings with Israeli officials [...]

Russia Meddling ‘Expert’ Lobbying U.S. Gov To ‘Quell Information Rebellions’

By Max Blumenthal, -

By Max Blumenthal for AlterNet - Nearly a year after the presidential election, the scandal over accusations of Russian political interference in the 2016 election has gone beyond Donald Trump [...]

Comments Supporting Gas Exports Rule Are Recycled Industry Copy-Pastes

By Steve Horn, -

By Steve Horn for Desmog - A review of the comments submitted to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on its proposed rule to fast-track the export of small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) shows [...]

Goldman Sachs In Government Pushes Profits Of Goldman Sachs

By Marcus Stanley, -

By Marcus Stanley for Inequality - Goldman Sachs has been a conspicuous presence at the scene of one disaster after another in the past half century. The bank is a leader in a Wall Street [...]

The ‘Monopoly Man’ Just Owned The Senate’s Equifax Hearing

By Jenna Amatulli, -

By Jenna Amatulli for The Huffington Post - Rich Uncle Pennybags apparently likes to spend his free time at Senate hearings. A person dressed up like the iconic monocled Monopoly mascot (who, in [...]

Monsanto Banned From Lobbying European Parliament

By Whitney Webb, -

By Whitney Webb for Mint Press News - Monsanto, accustomed to lobbying its way to favorable treatment by governments the world over, pushed the EU Parliament too far. Banning lobbyists is a rare [...]

These Corporations Have The Biggest Influence On Climate Policy

By Lorraine Chow, -

By Lorraine Chow for Eco Watch - For better or worse, corporations have a major influence on climate change policy. Just look at Koch Industries, a multinational conglomerate owned by [...]

Health Care Lobbyists Bankrolled Senate Democrats

By David Sirota and Lydia O'Neal, -

By David Sirota and Lydia O'Neal for IB Times - As Bernie Sanders worked to finalize his Medicare-for-All Act of 2017, corporate lobbyists representing the traditional opponents of single-payer [...]

FERC’s Revolving Door: Former Commissioner Joins Pipeline Lobby Firm

By Itai Vardi, -

By Itai Vardi for Desmog - Only one week after leaving the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), former commissioner Colette Honorable has joined a law firm lobbying for Dominion Energy, [...]

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