Surge In Lobbying Opposed To Medicare For All

By Craig Sandler, Public Citizen. -

Between the first quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, lobbying on Medicare for All increased dramatically, almost entirely due to a surge in lobbying activity by organizations that [...]

Fossil Fuel Lobbyist By Day, WaPo Columnist By Night

By Adam Johnson, -

By Adam Johnson for FAIR - What is the point of Ed Rogers, the Washington Post’s most conflict-ridden, mediocre columnist (, 4/23/15)? He doesn’t add a lot to the discourse, his [...]

Officials Overseeing Health Care Overhaul Lobbied For Health Insurance Firms

By Lee Fang, -

By Lee Fang for The Intercept - THE POLITICAL APPOINTEES tapped by President Donald Trump to oversee federal health care programs — including the potential transition to a new Republican bill to [...]

Cable Industry Lobbyists Write Republican Talking Points On Net Neutrality

By Lee Fang and Nick Surgey, -

By Lee Fang and Nick Surgey for The Intercept - FOLLOWING THE VOTE last week by the Federal Communication Commission to unwind the net neutrality rules enacted during the Obama administration, [...]

Secretive White House Office For Lobbyists

By Heather Rogers, -

In early 2011, after years of study, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration moved to reduce the permissible levels of silica dust wafted into the air by industrial processes like [...]