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Halifax Restaurants Take Lobster Off The Menu

Lobster is a major commodity and popular dish in Atlantic Canada, but there’s now a growing list of restaurants taking the succulent shellfish off its menu. The removal of lobster dishes is a move to show solidarity with the Mi’kmaq and to condemn the ongoing violence stemming from the lobster dispute in Digby county. Dartmouth cocktail and wine bar Dear Friends boasts a hyper-local menu with seafood options, but you won’t find its popular lobster rolls on the menu right now. Co-owner Matt Boyle says lobster is off the menu as long as the ongoing lobster dispute continues between Indigenous and non-Indigenous fishers in lobster hot-spot St. Mary’s Bay, located in southwest Nova Scotia.

Massive Rally In Support Of Sipekne’katik Harvesters, Treaty Rights

Halifax, Nova Scotia - About a thousand people gathered in Grand Parade on Sunday, singing, drumming and voicing their support for Indigenous harvesters on Nova Scotia’s southwestern shore, who are exercising their right to fish — outside the commercial season. It’s an assertion of treaty, constitution and court-protected rights that has cost Sipekne’katik fishers dearly since their launch of a moderate livelihood fishery in mid-September. This week, they were the target of assault, arson, vandalism, threats and intimidation.
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