The Economy Of Sharing Is Alive during Nicaragua’s Independence Celebration

By Jorge Capelán, Alliance for Global Justice. -

This week is very important in Central America, especially in Nicaragua. On September 15, the region celebrates the signing of its declaration of Independence from Spain in 1821. On September 14, [...]

Pandemic May Turn People Back To Local Farms

By Polly Fitz, Door County Pulse. -

At Waseda Farms in Baileys Harbor, store manager Sayard Geeve said, “The phone is ringing off the hook.” Flying Tractor Farm in Sturgeon Bay has been selling more of its meat products. Cold [...]

Things Got A Whole Lot More Local Than I Expected Due To Coronavirus

By Neal Gorenflo, -

On March 12, I shared five #LocalYear commitments to help me go more local. Little did I know how local things would get in just one week. The next day local schools closed due to the [...]

Coronavirus, Economic Networks, And Social Fabric

By Richard Heinberg, -

The COVID-19 pandemic offers intriguing insights into how networked our modern world has become, and how we’ve traded resilience for economic efficiency. Case in point: someone gets sick in China [...]

Resisting War Through Education And Local Cooperatives

By Kathy Kelly, Intrepid Report. -

War profiteers deliver hellish realities and futile prospects, but the Afghan Peace Volunteers have not given up on bettering their country. In recent visits to Kabul, we’ve listened as they [...]

From Local Pants To Local Energy: The Case For Localizing Our Economies

By Erica Etelson, -

By Erica Etelson for Truthout - During a panel discussion this May on Community Choice Energy, a rapidly growing initiative in California and six other states that enables communities to seize [...]

Become #Ungovernable

By Staff, -

By Ungovernable. We pledge to create a resistance movement that makes Trump unable to govern our oppression; unable to deceive the people, to make the people accept his reign of hatred. We [...]

Small Town Refused Walmart When Last Grocery Store Closed

By Melissa Hellman, -

By Melissa Hellman for Yes! Magazine. For two months in 2012, longtime Iola, Kansas, resident Mary Ross trudged through the sweltering heat, waving gnats from her view as she walked door to door [...]

Municipal Leaders Share Visions For Cities Building Community Wealth

By John Duda, -

By John Duda for Comunity Wealth - How can cities redeploy their economic development resources to focus on building a more inclusive economy grounded in broad, local ownership? How can [...]

Branding Tradition: A Bittersweet Tale Of Capitalism At Work

By Steven Gorelick, -

By Steven Gorelick for Local Futures - Expensive labor-saving technologies not only make it difficult for small producers to survive, they also reduce the number of jobs available among those [...]

Newsletter: Looking Back And Ahead

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance. As we look back over 2015, we see progress and, as we look forward to 2016, we see continued challenges ahead. Overall, the strategic [...]

Join The Buycott For Trade Justice

By Staff, -

By Flush the TPP. If they become law, international treaties like the TransPacific Partnership (TPP), TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trade-in-Services Agreement [...]

Find Banks That Invest In The Local Economy

By Olivia LaVecchia, -

By Olivia LaVecchia for ILSR - The reasons to choose a community bank or credit union range from getting the same services at a lower cost to supporting productive investment instead of [...]

Wine ‘Goliath’ Bullies ‘David’ Egg Seller

By Shepherd Bliss, -

By Shepherd Bliss. Sonoma County, CA - It’s a classic Goliath vs. David story, with Sonoma County’s powerful wine industry as Goliath. Their high-paid lobbyists and marketers re-branded this [...]

Municipal Broadband & The Fight For Local Internet

By Jeff Milchen, -

A large and growing portion of small businesses rely on a high-quality Internet connection for essential operations, but lack of competition and choice among broadband providers has forced many [...]