Prime Minister Forced To Flee As Londoners Protest Deadly Fire

By Jake Johnson, -

By Jake Johnson for Common Dreams - People have thus far been "unsatisfied by the [government's] response," said Mustafa Almansur, who organized the day of mass action after losing a friend in [...]

London Anti-Racism March Draws Tens Of Thousands Of Protesters

By Staff, -

By Staff of The Guardian - As many as 30,000 people have joined a march against racism in London during which campaigners voiced their opposition to the wave of populism they say elected Donald [...]

Nine Black Lives Matter Protesters Arrested After City Airport Travel Chaos

By Jamie Grierson, Damien Gayle and Matthew Weaver, -

By Jamie Grierson, Damien Gayle and Matthew Weaver for The Guardian - Nine activists who said they were from Black Lives Matter UK were arrested on Tuesday after storming the runway at London [...]

“We Are Those Lions”: 5 Strikes & Riots That Shook Modern Britain

By Bahar Mustafa, -

By Bahar Mustafa for Verso Books. Joshua Clover’s Riot. Strike. Riot proclaims that ours has become an “age of riots” as the struggle of people versus state and capital has taken to the streets. [...]

‘Ditch Dodgy Dave’: 150,000 In Anti-Austerity Protest In London

By Common Dreams Staff, -

By Common Dreams Staff. A protest calling on David Cameron to resign has brought more than 150,000 people onto the streets of London on Saturday afternoon. The March for Health, Homes, Jobs [...]

Court Dismisses Charges Against London Arms Fair Protesters

By Damien Gayle, -

By Damien Gayle for The Guardian - A court has dismissed charges against protesters who blocked the road outside a major London arms fair, after they argued that they acted to stop greater crimes [...]

Photos: Protesters Take To Streets Across Europe

By Roar Collective, -

By Roar Collective. In what may turn out to become a very hot spring, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in major European capitals to protest against their governments, call [...]

Rent Strikes: ‘Together We Can Defeat The Housing Market’

By Matt Broomfield, -

By Matt Broomfield for ROAR Magazine - Jose LaCrosby was an African-American hair stylist to the stars. Nina Simone, James Brown and Miles Davis all frequented his San Francisco salon. Terminally [...]

Sierra Leone Villagers Sue Mining Company In London High Court

By Lisa O'Carroll, -

By Lisa O'Carroll for The Guardian - An iron ore firm once listed in London is being sued in a multimillion pound lawsuit over evictions and alleged violent treatment of workers and villagers [...]

Occupy London May Regroup If Britain Decides To Bomb Syria

By Katie Grant, -

By Katie Grant for the Independent. One of Britain’s most iconic buildings, St Paul’s Cathedral, attracts swathes of tourists every year. But in October 2011, thousands of people descended on the [...]

Repurposing London’s “Anti-Homeless” Spikes Into Cozy Bedrooms

By Maria Sanchez Diez, -

By Maria Sanchez Diez in Quartz - London has taken to placing small, sharp spikes to discourage homeless people from sleeping in public areas. But a group of activists has found a creative way to [...]

Climate Activists Lock Down At Heathrow To Prevent Expansion

By Plane Stupid, -

By Plane Stupid - 12 climate change activists from anti airport expansion direct action group, Plane Stupid, got onto the north runway at 03:30am this morning at Heathrow Airport by cutting [...]

London: The City That Ate Itself

By Rowan Moore, -

By Rowan Moore in The Guardian. London is without question the most popular city for investors,” says Gavin Sung of the international property agents Savills. “There is a trust factor. It has a [...]

Hundreds Of Thousands Protest Austerity In London

By Rose Troup Buchanan, -

By Rose Troup Buchanan in The Independent. London, UK - Hundreds of thousands of people have marched through London protesting against the Conservative government’s austerity [...]

Meet The Privacy Activists Who Spy On The Surveillance Industry

By Daniel Rivero, -

On the second floor of a narrow brick building in the London Borough of Islington, Edin Omanovic is busy creating a fake company. He is playing with the invented company’s business cards in a [...]

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