Coronavirus: Rough Sleepers In London Given Hotel Rooms

About 300 rooms were made available this weekend to vulnerable people already known to homelessness charities as part of an initial trial. London Mayor Sadiq Khan's office is working with [...]

Extinction Rebellion Target Institutions Funding Ecological Destruction In City Of London

By Staff, -

Extinction Rebellion this morning are disrupting the system bankrolling the environmental crisis. The day started at 7am at Bank Junction when they blocked routes that financial district workers [...]

Protests In London And Edinburgh Demand Freedom For Assange And Manning

Campaigners demanding the release from prison of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and whistleblower Chelsea Manning demonstrated on Saturday in London and Edinburgh, Scotland. Socialist Equality [...]

How A Community In North London Is Fighting For The Housing It Needs

By Cecilia Keating, -

At a crowded open meeting, local people moved from one table to the next, giving their opinions on a housing development planned for the site currently occupied by St Ann’s Hospital in south [...]

Rebellion Day: London’s Iconic Bridges Blocked To Protest Global Lack Of Climate Change Action

By Extinction Rebellion. -

Some 10,000 people from all over the world descended upon the British capital demanding more action on climate change, declaring a rebellion against UK Government and calling for global peaceful [...]

What Recent London Demos Say About The State Of The British Left

By Phil Hearse, -

Demonstrations on successive weekends in London last month shone a spotlight on major political rifts — in the major parties and in the political left. On October 13, an extreme right-wing [...]

Assange May Finally Leave Ecuadorian Embassy In London As Health Worsens

By Staff, -

Julian Assange, who has spent more than 2,230 days in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, is expected to leave the building soon with his health deteriorating, sources say. This latest information [...]

‘Carnival Of Resistance’ Trump Protests Largest Since The Iraq War

By Kevin Zeese Popular Resistance -

President Trump is being met by mass protests in Great Britain. Everywhere he is expected to go, including London have held or are planning massive demonstrations. Today, Friday, July 13, 2018, [...]

Saudi Arabian Prince Fails To Win Over Londoners

By Ahmad Khan, -

Apolitical disease usually found in countries ruled by insecure megalomaniacs hit London this week: hello, personality cult. In the Middle East, the disease associated with regions in which [...]

Demonstrators Tell MBS ‘Hands Off Yemen’ At Rally Against Visit

By Claire Gilbody-Dickerson, -

London, England - Protests have erupted in London, with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman beginning his visit to the UK with a meeting with Theresa May, British prime minister. Hundreds of [...]

City Of London Financiers Contemplate “Imminent” 2018 US Stock Market Crash Of Up To “50%”

By Nafeez Ahmed, -

A new analysis published on the website of a London-based think-tank, funded by the world’s biggest banking and financial services institutions, warns that the US stock market is on the brink of [...]

Prime Minister Forced To Flee As Londoners Protest Deadly Fire

By Jake Johnson, -

By Jake Johnson for Common Dreams - People have thus far been "unsatisfied by the [government's] response," said Mustafa Almansur, who organized the day of mass action after losing a friend in [...]

London Anti-Racism March Draws Tens Of Thousands Of Protesters

By Staff, -

By Staff of The Guardian - As many as 30,000 people have joined a march against racism in London during which campaigners voiced their opposition to the wave of populism they say elected Donald [...]

Nine Black Lives Matter Protesters Arrested After City Airport Travel Chaos

By Jamie Grierson, Damien Gayle and Matthew Weaver, -

By Jamie Grierson, Damien Gayle and Matthew Weaver for The Guardian - Nine activists who said they were from Black Lives Matter UK were arrested on Tuesday after storming the runway at London [...]

“We Are Those Lions”: 5 Strikes & Riots That Shook Modern Britain

By Bahar Mustafa, -

By Bahar Mustafa for Verso Books. Joshua Clover’s Riot. Strike. Riot proclaims that ours has become an “age of riots” as the struggle of people versus state and capital has taken to the streets. [...]

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