Sharon Treat: Mainers Right To Be Skeptical That USMCA Will Fix Farmers’ Woes

By Staff, -

True, NAFTA and other “old trade agreements” hurt farmers and rural economies. It doesn’t follow, though, that the new NAFTA represents a bright new day — and a rebranding doesn’t mean an [...]

Maine’s Radical Universal Home Health Care Proposition

By Naomi LaChance, -

A group of progressives in Maine has proposed a radical new solution to providing medical care for an aging, rural population. Question 1, a measure on the ballot in November, proposes universal [...]

What Happened After 17 Employees Took Over A Beloved Maine Business

By Lauren Abbate, -

ROCKLAND, Maine — For the last two months, patrons of Rock City Coffee might not have noticed any changes when they stopped at the busy downtown cafe for their regular order. That’s exactly what [...]

Maine Campaign Against War And Corporate Rule Nears Climax

By W. T. Whitney, -

Maine legislators have a hot potato in their hands. But they don’t seem to be feeling any pain.  On March 6, their Taxation Committee, controlled by the Democratic Party, voted 8-2 to send LD [...]

Landfill Clean-Up Needed To Install Solar In Portland, Maine

By Randy Billings, -

By Randy Billings for Portland Press Herald - City officials admit the site has been allowed to deteriorate, and now remediation may disrupt installation of the 2,800 power panels. Plans to [...]

Charges Against Portland Black Lives Matter Protesters Dropped

By Jake Bleiberg, -

By Jake Bleiberg for BDN - PORTLAND, Maine — A year after Portland police ended a Black Lives Matter demonstration with a mass arrest, the resulting legal drama has come to a close with the [...]

Maine’s Food Sovereignty Law Touted As Nationwide First

By Julia Bayly, -

By Julia Bayly for Bangor Daily News - With a stroke of his pen, Gov. Paul LePage last week enacted landmark legislation putting Maine in the forefront of the food sovereignty movement. LePage [...]

Police In Maine Treat Black And White Protesters Differently

By Kyle Jaeger, -

By Kyle Jaeger for ATTN - The jail came under fire in August after it released photos of two other black Muslim women without their hijabs. Department policy requires Muslims wearing head scarves [...]

Trial Of Shipyard Protesters Revives Vietnam-Era Conflicts

By Beth Brogan, -

By Beth Brogan for BDN - BATH, Maine — Protesters arrested outside Bath Iron Works during the christening of a Zumwalt-class destroyer in June 2016 told a jury on Wednesday that while they did [...]

Maine Students Sit-In Solidarity With DAPL & Protest Maine Pipeline

By Staff, -

By Staff of MSCJ - Maine Students for Climate Justice (MSCJ) -- along with a number of allies (including 350 Maine supporters) staged a sit-in at the Public Utilties Commission in Hallowell, [...]

Nation’s Longest Bike Path Will Connect Maine To Florida

By Katie Pohlman, -

By Katie Pohlman for Eco Watch - The East Coast Greenway will stretch from Calais, Maine, to Key West, Florida, a 2,900-mile distance. The project will provide non-motorized users a unique way to [...]

Right Wing Activist Pulls Gun On #BLM Protest

By Arun Gupta, -

By Arun Gupta for Raw Story - Shouts and yells erupted on the fringe of a Black Lives Matter rally in downtown Portland. A local right-wing agitator, Michael Strickland, was backing down the [...]

Jerry Berrigan Memorial Drone Blockade

By Bruce K. Gagnon, -

By Bruce K. Gagnon for Space for Peace. Syracuse, NY - Jerry Berrigan, who died on July 26, 2015 at the age of 95, was a husband, a father, a brother, a teacher and someone who – like his [...]

Protesters Plan To Enter Maine Shipyard During Christening

By Beth Brogan, -

By Beth Brogan for Bangor Daily News - BATH, Maine — With an estimated 3,000 people expected to gather at Bath Iron Works on Saturday to watch the christening of the 35th Arleigh Burke-class [...]

Call For Portsmouth Naval Shipyard To Stop Building Weapons

By Lisa Savage, -

By Lisa Savage for Went 2 The Bridge - I was delighted to have a day to join the Maine Peace Walk: Militarization of the Seas on Saturday October 24, 2015. A high energy opening circle kicked off [...]

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