Malaysia Bans Yellow To Prevent Protests Against Corruption

By Daily Kos, -

By Daily Kos - Xanthophobia: fear of the colour yellow. On Thursday, the Home Ministry of Malaysia decided to ban a primary color. Why? Because the people of Malaysia have gotten sick of [...]

No Human Trafficking Cover-Up For TPP, Press Conf. & Rally NYC 8/4/15

By Cat April Watters, -

By Cat April Watters in Hot Indie News - A crowd gathered at 313 E 43rd St. yesterday in NYC in front of the Malaysian Consulate to express outrage to the fact that despite the fact that [...]

Did US Change Human Trafficking Ranking For The TPP?

By Communications Workers of America, -

By Communications Workers of America - Advocates for human rights and anti-trafficking efforts have been expressing outrage about the news that Malaysia is poised to receive an improved ranking [...]

Obama Won’t Let Some Mass Graves Stop The TPP

By George Zornick, -

By George Zornick in The Nation - When Congress finally passed fast-track trade authority last month, there was a major problem for President Obama and his trade negotiators: a provision of the [...]

ObamaTrade Rewards US Corporations That Profit From Slavery

By Zach Carter, -

By Zach Carter in Huffington Post - President Barack Obama's effort to include Malaysia in a major pending trade pact has baffled human rights advocates, who see it as a reward for a regime with [...]

Australia, Indonesia Attack WikiLeaks For Publishing Censorship Order

By Nadia Prupis, -

After WikiLeaks released a secret gag order in Australia blocking the country's media from reporting on a massive political corruption scandal, international leaders are evading culpability and [...]