Organizing Rural Manufacturing Workers Matters

By Cindy Estrada and Chris Schwartz, The Forge. -

It’s no secret that the number of manufacturing jobs in the United States has steadily declined over the past few decades, replaced largely by low-wage work in the service sector. But in many [...]

No Manufacturing Renaissance, US Manufacturing Is In Trouble

By Marty Hart Landsberg, -

President Trump is all in, touting his success in rebuilding US manufacturing. For example, in his state of the union address he claimed: We are restoring our nation’s manufacturing might, even [...]

Chris Hedges Visits Indiana City To See Impact Of Job Flight

By Chris Hedges, -

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - In a special edition of "On Contact," Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges visits Anderson, Ind., formerly a center of car production. He witnesses the economic and [...]

Mississippi Autoworkers Mobilize

By Michelle Chen, -

By Michelle Chen for Dissent - The workers at the Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi, had high hopes when the state-of-the-art factory complex moved in fourteen years ago to a small, majority [...]

Public Cost Of Low-Wage Production Jobs In Manufacturing

By Ken Jacobs et al, -

By Ken Jacobs, Zohar Perla, Ian Perry and Dave Graham-Squire for UC Berkely Labor Center - Much attention has been given in recent years to low-wage work in the fast-food industry, big-box [...]

More Than Third Of Counties Median Income Dropped 10% Since 2000

By Tim Henderson, -

By Tim Henderson for The PEW Charitable Trust - ROCKDALE COUNTY — This Georgia suburb, about 23 miles southeast of downtown Atlanta, has been buffeted by the broader economic troubles the U.S. [...]

Chris Hedges Interviews Noam Chomsky (2/3)

By The Real News, -

The idea still should be that of the Knights of Labor: those who work in the mills should own them. And there's plenty of manufacturing going on in the country, and probably there will be more, [...]