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California Farmworkers Begin 335-Mile March For Voting Rights

California - On Wednesday, around 250 farmworkers and their supporters took their first steps of a 24-day Delano-to-Sacramento march to demand more voting options for farmworkers when casting a ballot on unionization. The march, organized by United Farm Workers, or UFW, has been billed as the “March for the Governor’s Signature,” a reference to demands that California Gov. Gavin Newsom sign a new bill meant to protect farmworkers from voter suppression by employers. “California is a very wealthy state and agriculture contributes to that wealth, but farmworkers continue to be poor and their families suffer — that’s what we need to change,” Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the UFW, told a crowd of marchers gathered at Forty Acres, the site of UFW’s original headquarters in Delano.

Nazi Salutes, Molotov Cocktails Rock Massive Mexico Women’s March

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A group of women outside Mexico City’s main cathedral clashed on Sunday with men protesting abortion who made Nazi salutes, among scuffles that left dozens injured during a protest of tens of thousands of people on International Women’s Day.

The Long Haul Toward Justice And Peace: A March From Delhi To Geneva Underway

On October 2, 2019—150 years to the day after the birth of Mohandas Gandhi—50 people from the Gandhian organization Ekta Parishad departed from the Raj Ghat memorial, dedicated to Gandhi, in Delhi. It was Day One of what will be a year-long journey on the Global March for Justice and Peace. With a jaw-dropping itinerary of 11,000 kilometers winding through 10 countries on the way to Geneva...

Brazilians March Against Bolsonaro And His Ties To Murder Of Activist

Brazilians marched in dozens of cities across the country against the far-right government of president Jair Bolsonaro.  The marches come amid extremely concerning revelations, which allegedly tie Bolsonaro to the murder of Marielle Franco last year. Franco was a black LGBT council woman from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. She was killed in March 2018 by hitmen. Her death sparked global outrage. 

Panama: Students Defy Blockade, Deliver Message Directly To The National Assembly

More than a thousand students, teachers and administrators of the first house of studies of the University of Panama, made a march on Tuesday October 22 from the Transistmica to the facilities of the National Assembly.  The measure was given as a rejection of the proposals that would modify the articles of the Political Constitution of the Republic, in which, according to the university authorities themselves, they revealed that they would affect the operation of the higher education center. 

Social Movements Plan March On Sao Paulo For Lula

Social movements in Brazil are planning a march to Sao Paulo for October 13th, to demand that former leftist President Lula Da Silva be freed from jail, where he has been detained since April 2018 on trumped-up charges. The organizers of the "Justice for Lula" event, together with the Lula Libre Committee, reported that the demonstration aims to denounce the crimes and legal war that have made it impossible for the ex-president to appear in the 2018 general elections, making him a political prisoner.

Thousands Take To Edinburgh Streets For ‘Biggest Scottish Independence March Ever’

Groups and organisations who support separation from the UK joined the All Under One Banner (AUOB) procession on Saturday. Organisers AUOB hope to get at least 100,000 people to take part in the rally. Gemma MacFadyen has backed Scottish independence since she was a child. The 34-year-old from Edinburgh said: "I'm here to support the cause for independence. "To be honest, after the last referendum I was a bit deflated and disenfranchised and I was not going to be taking part anymore.

States March Toward 100% Clean Energy–Who’s Next?

One year ago this week, the California legislature passed landmark legislation committing the state’s power providers to supplying 60% of their electricity from renewable energy by 2030 and setting a target of 100% clean, or carbon-free, power by mid century. It was a bold action that significantly raised the bar for other states considering policy action. And over the last 12 months, another six states (bringing the total to eight states) plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have answered the call with various obligations toward 100% clean energy over the next few decades.

Direct Action Shuts Down Coal Infrastructure In Germany

The marches from the Ende Gelände covered a fair amount of distance and stretched into the afternoon. As the marchers approached the train they were going to take to their destination, police turned them away from using transit, forcing them to begin a trek of several kilometers on foot. Police in riot gear pushed their way through the march at one point, which increased the feeling of tension in the crowd. The green and red “finger” combined during the journey, while the pink “finger” had reportedly already reached the site.

Environmental Justice March Hits Road Block In Louisiana’s Cancer Alley

On May 30, around 100 people took part on the first day of a planned five-day march for environmental justice in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley. Amid sweltering heat, the march kicked off in St. John the Baptist Parish, but extreme obstacles have developed on their route to Baton Rouge, about 50 miles away. Today a judge ruled that the organizers did not have permission to cross two bridges along the route. Louisiana’s Cancer Alley, an 80-mile stretch along the Mississippi River, is also known as the “Petrochemical Corridor,” where there are over 100 petrochemical plants and refineries.

62 Organizations To Congress: Halt A March To War With Iran

Washington, D.C. – In light of President Trump and John Bolton’s dangerous escalations against Iran and a forthcoming intelligence briefing on Capitol Hill this afternoon, 62 organizations – including J Street, Indivisible, NIAC Action and Win Without War – sent a letter calling on Congress to pass legislation to halt a march to war with Iran. The combined groups, representing millions of Americans concerned about renewed threats of war with Iran, signals a strong desire for Congress to step up and block Trump from leading America into yet another war of choice.

‘For The Love Of Our Children’: Mothers Rise Up In Global March For Climate Action

Marking International Mother's Day, thousands of moms took to the streets in London and across the world Sunday to demand transformative action on behalf of Mother Earth and their children, whose futures are under threat from the global climate crisis. "We need to do everything necessary to clean up our air and create a safer future for all our children."  —Rosamund Kissi-Debra "Business as usual—toxic pollution in our streets and our schools—is fueling a crisis that is making our kids sick and it is families in the deprived areas that are paying the heaviest price," Rosamund Kissi-Debra, whose daughter died from an asthma attack linked to air pollution, said during a rally on Sunday.

A Day To Remember In St. Petersburg

Our guide for the day was Elena Ivanova who is a friend of Tanya (our guide in Crimea).  They have traveled together to the US in the past on citizen diplomacy trips.  Elena is a remarkable person and her eyes revealed a deep and kind soul.  I walked by her side for the several hours it took to reach the parade destination at the enormous plaza by the world famous Hermitage Museum. In an email from Elena, when she sent me the photo at the very top of this post, she wrote, "Exactly 1 million, 180 thousands of people participated in the Immortal Regiment this year in St. Petersburg. Please tell your colleagues that we all in one boat on the Earth."

Montana Marchers Demand Justice And Safety For Indigenous Women

A sea of red-clad Native march participants and allies carried signs during the march from the Native American Achievement Center at Montana State University Billings to downtown at the Yellowstone County Courthouse lawn, with pictures and names of sisters, best friends, moms, daughters, cousins, and loved ones. During the march, they chanted slogans such as, “Silent no more!” and “No more stolen sisters!” while giving continuous war cries to honor and remember Indigenous women and girls that have been lost.

In Argentina, Over A Million March In Honor Of Victims Of US-Backed Military Dictatorship

On the Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice, over a million Argentinians mobilized to remember the 30,000 victims of the last military dictatorship in Argentina. On March 24, 1976 a US-backed military coup was carried out in Argentina that installed the bloodiest civic-military dictatorship in the history of the country. In 2002 the Argentine Congress declared that this tragic day would be remembered as the National Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice.
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