How Slick Consulting Firms Get Us On Drugs

By Martha Rosenberg, Intrepid Report. -

Ninety-one people a day die from opioids and 1,000 visit ERs in the US, according to the CDC. How did opioid makers get such a deathly grip on the US population? Recently, the New York Times [...]

World’s Biggest PR Firm Quits American Oil Lobby

By Connor Gibson, -

Perhaps you heard the good news—the world’s largest public relations firm, Edelman, just spun off an advertising subsidiary so that it could show a commitment to not aiding the denial of climate [...]

What Do Corporations Think When The Public Is Criticizing Them?

By Randal Simonetti -

Typically the first reaction of any organizations that is being criticized is an emotional one, which is exactly what the chocolate company had. They became defensive and in an effort to appease [...]

Black Friday: From Buy Nothing To Independence Day

By Alnoor Ladha and Martin Kirk, -

Everything evolves. It's the movement of life through time. Those things that are fit for purpose evolve into something even more fit, better adapted and more powerful; those that don't fall by [...]

Red Cross ‘Used Hurricane Disasters As Photo Ops’

By Pete D'amato, -

After Hurricane Isaac made landfall over areas of Louisiana and Mississippi in 2012, emergency response vehicles emblazoned with the logo of the Red Cross rolled in. According to one former [...]