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Indigenous Demonstrators Continue Opposition To Racism In Sports, Media

Las Vegas—On Sunday, February 11, a group of Native people demonstrated near an entrance  at the Super Bowl, where some say Kansas City’s continued use of the “Chiefs” is racist. It is  the second consecutive year that Kansas City has appeared in the Super Bowl, and opposition  to the “tomahawk chop”, an act some say mocks Native culture and must change, continues.   “I’m here to show people that it is not acceptable in this day and age to mock a people,” said  Rhonda LeValdo to Last Real Indians (LRI Media). LeValdo, an Acoma Pueblo citizen, traveled to Las Vegas  from Kansas City, where she teaches journalism at Haskell University in Lawrence, Kansas.

Native Mascots Are A Direct Result Of America’s Fabricated Colonial History

The negligence of our nation’s history has allowed for the continued racist representation of Native Americans, specifically when discussing their representation as mascots in amateur and professional sports. Several scholars have chosen to raise awareness to the ongoing misrepresentation and racist imagery that is present in amateur and professional sports by arguing against the allowance of such images, claiming such representation to be a by-product of a postcolonial society that allows for cultural imperialism, where the idea of Native American lives and presence are simply a thing of the past and not of the present day. The continued misrepresentation and racist portrayal that has plagued Native American communities simply reinforces a false image that does not fully and adequately reflect Native American cultures, peoples, epistemologies, and complexities.
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