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Mass Action

Activists To Protest NATO Summit In Washington

Hundreds of demonstrators representing a diverse coalition of anti-imperialist and anti-war organizations are set to stage a mobilization ahead of the NATO summit, which will be held in Washington, DC from July 9 to 11. This protest is being organized by the Resist NATO coalition, which includes organizations such as the International League of Peoples’ Struggles, the Resist US-Led War Movement, and BAYAN-USA, which engages diaspora Filipinos in the struggle against imperialism. “NATO’s 75th summit is occurring during Russia’s counter-aggression strategy against US-NATO military escalation and NATO territorial expansion, which has enabled NATO to call on its members to provide billions in weapons and military aid.

Out LUMA!: Puerto Ricans Demand End To Privatization Of Energy

Hundreds of Puerto Ricans took to the streets of the capital, San Juan, on Wednesday July 3, to demand an end to the controversial contract signed by the government of Puerto Rico with the US-Canadian company LUMA Energy. During the march, organized by the Union of Electrical and Irrigation Industry Workers (UTIER), workers and activists shouted slogans like: “Privatized energy is rejected by the people”, “We demand electric energy because it is a human right”, and “They privatize energy and steal from us every day”, among others. According to the protesters, there has not been a significant improvement in the electricity service as promised with the privatization. Major blackouts and electricity connection problems continue.

Ecuadorians Call For An End To Noboa’s Austerity Measures

Ecuadorian trade union the Unitary Workers’ Front (FUT), has called for a national mobilization on July 4 against the increase in gasoline prices in the country. On June 26, through Executive Decree 308, Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa ordered the elimination of gasoline subsidies in accordance with the provisions of the International Monetary Fund. The government has already reached agreements with some transportation unions to prevent them from joining future protests. According to the government, these unions will receive monthly compensation for the increase in gasoline costs. This agreement has been seen by some social leaders as an act of betrayal against the rest of the political and labor organizations.

IMF-Driven Policies Spark Deadly Protests In Kenya

At least 23 Kenyan protesters were killed on Tuesday after hundreds stormed the nation’s parliament in response to a proposed tax-hike bill, which threatens to deepen the country’s cost of living crisis. The IMF’s pressure on Nairobi to balance its budget is central to the issue. Videos of bodies strewn across the concrete and protesters storming the parliament went viral on social media. This follows protests the previous week that brought the nation to a standstill. President William Ruto, elected to address the cost of living crisis, is now seen attempting to combat dissent with force, having failed to improve conditions.

Kenya Protests: Gen Z Shows The Power Of Digital Activism

This is a powerful moment for digital activism. The protests have seen significant participation from young Kenyans who are using digital media to organise and voice their opposition. A great number of those driving the protests are Generation Z (often referred to as Gen Z) – individuals born roughly between the late 1990s and early 2010s and characterised by digital prowess and social consciousness. They have created this organic, grassroots movement which has used platforms, like social media, to mobilise and coordinate efforts quickly. Through my work I’ve documented how essential digital media has been in political participation in Kenya in the past decade.

Activists Form ‘Red Line’ Around White House In Gaza Protest

Tens of thousands of people from across the US gathered near the White House on Saturday to demand an end to US support for Israel's war in Gaza, highlighting US President Joe Biden's stated position of an invasion of Rafah being a red line. In response to Israel's recent invasion of Rafah, what many see as Biden not holding firm on his word, the demonstrators made a two-mile-long human "red line" around the White House, wearing red shirts and holding a red banner that they slowly unfurled from the White House gate, down Constitution Avenue and back around to the front entrance.

Possible Virtual Biden Nomination Won’t Impact March On DNC

Chicago, IL – Preparations for the March on the DNC are well underway, with tens of thousands of people slated to march within sight and sound of the United Center on August 19 to demand that the Democratic Party helmed by Joe Biden end the genocide on Gaza and end U.S. aid to Israel. Recently, the Democratic Party announced, to comply with shifting Ohio laws, that it will virtually nominate Biden before the convention, meaning that some business of the convention might be resolved before the August in-person convention. “The Israeli occupation with U.S. weapons has killed over 36,000 people in Gaza. Meanwhile, the leaders of the Democratic Party are sad because their convention won’t be the sensation needed for the uninspiring candidates,” said Hatem Abudayyeh, national chair of the United States Palestinian Community Network (USPCN).

Tens Of Thousands To Surround White House On June 8

Tens of thousands of people will are mobilizing to surround the White House on June 8 in protest of Biden’s complicity in the Israeli genocide in Gaza, principally the brutal invasion of Rafah, which takes more and more Palestinian lives each day. Biden had claimed in the past that the invasion of Rafah by Israel would be a red line, and even threatened to withhold weapons shipments (while actually halting some shipments of bombs) over the threat of invasion. “I made it clear that if they go into Rafah—they haven’t gone in Rafah yet—if they go into Rafah, I’m not supplying the weapons that have been used historically to deal with Rafah, to deal with the cities—that deal with that problem,” Biden said during a CNN interview on May 8.

India’s BJP Faces Ire Of Farmers In Final Phase Of Elections

Only two phases remain in India’s seven-phase national elections. The voting for the next two phases are scheduled on May 25 and June 1. The ruling right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is facing a united challenge from the center-left alliance led by the Congress Party across the country. The BJP’s battles in these last two phases of the elections are proving to be even more fierce due to the organized popular resentment against its farm policies in the region. Significant parts of the states polling in these two final phases, the state of Haryana with 10 seats in the Lok Sabha and Punjab with 13 seats, have been the epicenter of the ongoing farmers’ agitation.

Why Is New Caledonia On Fire?

New Caledonia’s capital city, Noumea, has endured widespread violent rioting over the past 48 hours. This crisis intensified rapidly, taking local authorities by surprise. Peaceful protests had been occurring across the country in the preceding weeks as the French National Assembly in Paris deliberated on a constitutional amendment that would increase the territory’s electoral roll. As the date for the vote grew closer, however, protests became more obstructive and by Monday night had spiralled into uncontrolled violence. Since then, countless public buildings, business locations and private dwellings have been subjected to arson.

Won’t You Please Come To Chicago?

Students are protesting Biden and Netanyahu’s war on Gaza all over the City of Chicago while city, state, and Democratic Party officials worry about what it portends for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) scheduled for August 19 to August 23.  Comparisons to Chicago 1968 are common, and the city’s police will be supported by Secret Service, FBI, Homeland Security, and neighboring police departments. Chicago Police Superintendent Larry Snelling is frequently interviewed about preparations, and he says, “We’re the Chicago Police. We’re ready.” Politico warned that Mayor Brandon Johnson “unabashedly sympathizes with the protesters,” while the World Socialist Website accused him of deploying SWAT teams against peaceful, anti-genocide protestors at the  Chicago Art Institute.

Activists Condemn Israel’s Eurovision Participation

Thousands of pro-Palestine demonstrators opposing Israel's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest rallied in the Swedish City of Malmo on 11 May. Around 6,000 to 8,000 protesters gathered at Malmo's central square and then headed to the contest site, carrying Palestinian flags and chanting "Eurovision united by genocide," a play on the contest's official motto, "united by music." Some demonstrators were also overheard chanting "Shame on you," directed at attendees entering the arena, urging for a boycott of this year's event due to Israel's participation. Pro-Palestinian audience members audibly "booed" Israeli Eurovision artist Eden Golan during her performance.

Pakistani Farmers Launch A Nationwide Movement

Thousands of farmers in Pakistan have launched a nationwide movement demanding increased government procurement of wheat. The campaign will kick off with national mobilizations on Friday, May 10, Khalid Khokhar, the leader of Pakistan Kissan Ittehad (Pakistan Farmer Movement or PKI), a united body of most of the farmers’ unions in the country, said in a press conference on Sunday. The mobilizations are set to kick off in Multan, Punjab and would be a continuation of the last month’s agitation in several parts of the country. Khokhar claimed that an even greater number of farmers’ organizations and groups would be participating in the campaign and mobilizations.

‘Occupation’s Nightmare’ Continues Despite Jordanian Crackdown

Since the recent war on Gaza was launched by the Israeli occupation forces in October 2023, Jordan has witnessed mass protests across the country. Such protests are not unusual for the Jordanian people in spite of their government’s compromising stance on the Israeli entity. Jordanians have taken to the streets for decades in protest over the Israel-Jordan Peace treaty, also known as “Wadi Araba”, that was signed in 1994. “‘Wadi Araba’ is not peace, ‘Wadi Araba’ is surrender, has been chanted by Jordanians for around 30 years.

Coalition Meets To Ready Massive March On The DNC

Chicago, IL – The Coalition to March on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) met in Chicago the weekend of April 13. Speaker after speaker testified with fire in their eyes about the need to march against the genocide in Gaza. Along with the speeches, people got down to the tasks needed to bring tens of thousands to Chicago in August to protest the DNC. The 450 in attendance were overwhelmingly youth. Many are brand new to protest movements, having been thrown into motion by the anti-war and Palestine solidarity movement.
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