Our Unjust System Of Mass Supervision

By Mark Rice, Urban Milwaukee. -

Wisconsin’s disastrous system of mass supervision is at odds with our widely shared values of justice, human dignity and compassion. Detaining people struggling with poverty, housing insecurity, [...]

For Some, Homes And Neighborhoods Are Now Digital Prisons

By Eddie Conway, The Real News. -

Eddie Conway: Welcome to this episode of Rattling The Bars. I’m Eddie Conway, your host, coming to you from Baltimore. Recently, there has been a new book out by two authors that has done [...]

Pressure Mounts To Free Black Girl Imprisoned For Not Doing Homework

By Sarah Cwiek, Michigan Radio. -

Public pressure is mounting to free a 15-year-old Black girl sent to Oakland County juvenile detention for not doing her homework. The girl is known only by her middle name, Grace. She was on [...]

Why And How To Defund The Police

By Jason Kirkpatrick, Counterpunch. -

The vague and easily misinterpreted call to Defund the Police has been spreading quickly across the USA. Some may have a knee-jerk reaction to “just say no” to this call, but polls show a vast [...]

Rethinking Prisons And Public Safety During A Pandemic

By Janai Nelson, Shondaland.com. -

Of all the places one would not want to be during a pandemic, prison presumably ranks above nearly every other. The unsanitary conditions of prisons, jails, and other places of forced [...]

First Known Federal Inmate Dies Of Coronavirus

By C.J. Ciaramella, Reason.com -

The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) confirmed late Saturday night that a federal inmate has died from COVID-19—the first known death of an inmate in the federal prison system. Reuters reports that [...]

Elected Prosecutors Call For Dramatic Reduction In Prison Populations

By Staff, Fairandjustprosecution.org -

COVID-19 has the world on high alert. In recognition that the coronavirus is spreading quickly among high concentrations of people in close proximity, schools are being shut down, conferences [...]

You Can Be Free To Vote, Even Behind Bars

By Kenyetta Rich, Otherwords.org -

Birmingham, Alabama is a landmark city for the American civil rights movement. Even today, it’s ground zero for a vital fight over voting rights. I visited Jefferson County Jail in Birmingham [...]

What Are The Political Views Of People Who Are Incarcerated?

By Nicole Lewis, Aviva Shen and Anna Flagg, Themarshallproject.org -

Asimple question at a Bernie Sanders town hall last spring sparked a debate new to prime time: Should incarcerated people be allowed to vote? Sanders said yes—his home state of Vermont (and its [...]

Progressive Prosecutors, Police Accountability, And Decarceration

By Mark Manning, Towardfreedom.org -

In 2014, St. Louis County experienced periods of heightened social protests following the highly publicized shooting of Michael Brown by then-police officer Darren Wilson. According to the New [...]

Senate Panel Briefed On Disparity In Incarceration

By Hannah Gaskill, Marylandmatters.org -

Maryland has the highest incarceration rate in the nation of black men aged 18 to 24, according to a November report issued by the Justice Policy Institute. The second highest incarceration rate [...]

Can We Fix Mass Incarceration Without Including Violent Offenders?

By Jamiles Lartey, The Marshall Project -

While relief for “non-violent” offenders remains a staple of talking points and campaign platforms, several candidates are also beginning to wrestle publicly with the question of what to do about [...]

Groundbreaking MUMI Conference: Making & Unmaking Mass Incarceration In Mississippi’s Prison Origin

By Amani Sawari, Sawarimi.org -

This past week organizers, activists, students, professors, reformists and abolitionists from across the spectrum convened at the University of Mississippi’s Oxford campus to discuss the status [...]

‘Starve The Beast’: Southern Campaigns To Divest, Decarcerate, And Re-Imagine Public Safety

By Zaina Alsous, Scalawagmagazine.org -

In La Casa Azul, “The Blue House” in East Point, Atlanta, organizers with the Racial Justice Action Center meet in what they call “the war room;" a room where they discuss political strategy, [...]

Largest Sentence Commutation In US History: Nearly 500 Inmates Walk Free After Oklahoma Voters Demand Reform

By Julia Conley, Commondreams.org -

Oklahoma voters' approval of a referendum in 2016 allowed for nearly 500 inmates to walk free on Monday from the state's massive prison system—the largest single-day commutation in U.S. history. [...]