Jailbreak Of The Imagination: Seeing Prisons For What They Are And Demanding Transformation

By Mariame Kaba and Kelly Hayes, Truthout.org -

Our current historical moment demands a radical re-imagining of how we address various harms. The levers of power are currently in the hands of an administration that is openly hostile to the [...]

We Don’t Need Mass Incarceration To Keep People Safe

By German Lopez, Vox.com -

If mass incarceration were an effective way to fight crime, then one would expect to see a strong correlation between higher rates of incarceration and reduced crime. States have been running a [...]

4 Reasons For Surprising Change In Racial Incarceration Trendlines

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet.org -

It's long been a given that racial disparities plague the nation's criminal justice system. That's still true—black people are incarcerated at a rate five times higher than that of white [...]

A New School To Prison Pipeline That Might Surprise You

By Staff, educationalchemy.com -

By Staff of Educational Alchemy - Maryland Correctional Enterprises (MCE) is the state’s own prison labor company. A semi-autonomous subdivision of the Department of Public Safety and [...]

Newsletter: Success Against Racists, Build On It

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, www.popularresistance.org -

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. Last week, we wrote about the events in Charlottesville, Virginia in terms of their historical and political context. Since then, the national and [...]

The People’s Congress Of Resistance

By People's Congress of Resistance, www.popularresistance.org -

By the Convenors of the People's Congress of Resistance. We are excited to release the Manifesto of the People's Congress of Resistance! Titled "Society for the Many: A vision for revolution," [...]

Private Prison In New Mexico Demands More Prisoners

By Steven Rosenfeld, www.alternet.org -

By Steven Rosenfeld for AlterNet - The nation’s second-largest private prison corporation is holding New Mexico politicians hostage by threatening to close unless the state or federal authorities [...]

Caged: Life. Beyond. Bars.

By Staff, www.kickstarter.com -

By Staff of Caged - Chris Hedges has taught in America's most elite universities, including Princeton, Columbia, and New York University. It was a class at a Maximum Security Prison, however, [...]

Louisiana (Finally) Seeking To Reduce Prison Population

By Matt Higgins, www.occupy.com -

By Matt Higgins for Occupy.com. In a recent op-ed on nola.com, Lafourche (pronounced La-Foosh) Parish Sheriff Craig Webre wrote, “We shouldn't incarcerate people just because they're poor. Or [...]

Two States Consider Bills To Keep Parents Out Of Jail

By Victoria Law, www.truth-out.org -

By Victoria Law for Truthout - Ayana Aubourg has one childhood memory of her father that does not involve a jail or prison visiting room. "The only thing I can remember is him making spaghetti," [...]

Fighting Mass Incarceration Under Trump

By James Kilgore, www.truth-out.org -

By James Kilgore for Truthout - Yusef Shakur is a Detroit community organizer who spent several years in Michigan State prisons. "The prison industrial complex has found the right person to feed [...]

Quarter Of Inmates Could Have Been Spared Prison Without Risk

By Jamiles Lartey, www.theguardian.com -

By Jamiles Lartey for The Guardian - Study of 1.5 million prisoners finds that drug treatment, community service, probation or fines would have served as more effective sentences for many. A [...]

Money Bail System Perpetuates America’s Mass Incarceration Problem

By Jared Keller, www.psmag.com -

By Jared Keller for Pacific Standard Magazine - At this very moment, nearly 450,000 Americans are sitting in county jails not because they’ve been charged with a crime, but because they simply [...]

Black History Museum & Lynching Memorial Being Built In Alabama

By Staff, www.eji.org -

By Staff of the Equal Justice Initiative. The Equal Justice Initiative plans to build a national memorial to victims of lynching and open a museum that explores African American history from [...]

Eliminate Profit From Punishment

By Cedric Lawson, www.inequality.org -

By Cedric Lawson for Inequality - In July 2010, Marissa Alexander, a young Black woman from Florida, faced the fight of her life only nine days after giving birth to her youngest daughter. Her [...]