Protest Has Helped Define The First Two Decades Of The 21st Century – Here’s What’s Next

By Feyzi Ismail, -

The first two decades of the 21st century saw the return of mass movements to streets around the world. Partly a product of sinking confidence in mainstream politics, mass mobilisation has had a [...]

America’s Streets And Squares Are Waiting: Massive Rallies Work!

By Ralph Nader, -

Around the world people are marching, rallying, and demonstrating in huge numbers. Some of these countries are ruled by dictators or plutocratic regimes, others are considered democracies. [...]

Ministers Resign After Third Day Of Protests In Lebanon

By Al Jazeera. -

A Lebanese Christian party has announced it is quitting the government after a third day of protests across the country against tax increases and alleged official corruption. After tens of [...]

The Indigenous Resistance Against Brazilian President Bolsonaro

By Sue Branford, The New Internationalist -

The young indigenous man, bent double in pain, uttered a deep, heart-wrenching moan. The pain was unbearable. After a while he withdrew from the circle of chanting people and threw himself on the [...]

How To Build A Movement For Transformational Change

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

In recent years, people have asked us what they should be doing to build an effective movement that can create transformational change. In response to these questions, Popular Resistance created [...]

Day 10 Of Countdown To Launch: Featuring Eleanor Goldfield

By Staff, -

By Popular Resistance. Eleanor Goldfield, an activist, musician, photographer and artist, has participated with Popular Resistance on various campaigns, most recently on net neutrality. She [...]

Liberalism, Ultraleftism Or Mass Action

By Peter Camejo, -

By Peter Camejo for The Militant - The purpose of this meeting is to have a discussion about the present political conjuncture in this country following the May events, how we have to relate to [...]

Building A Mass Movement To Stop Mass Killing

By Medea Benjamin, -

By Medea Benjamin for AlterNet - The $600 billion annual cost of the US military budget eats up 54% of all federal discretionary funds. It’s no wonder we don’t have money to address the crisis of [...]

The Price Of Resistance

By Chris Hedges, -

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - In the conflicts I covered as a reporter in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans, I encountered singular individuals of varying creeds, [...]

FCC Plans To End Net Neutrality. Can Popular Movement Stop That?

By Jeff John Roberts, -

By Jeff John Roberts for Fortune - Ajit Pai does not like net neutrality. The new Chair of the Federal Communications Commission is clear he wants to tear up the policy and said he will start [...]

Seeking An International Meeting Of Movements

By Staff, -

By Staff for the Committee of Coordination of People’s Movements and Organizations of the Five Continents. From March 4 to 9, in the context of the homages to Commander Chávez on the fourth [...]

Resistance In The Age Of Trump

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. This article summarizes the history of the Trump era and the response by the popular resistance movement. It links to a series of articles written over the [...]

What Kind of Movement Moment Are We In?

By Mike MIller, -

By Mike MIller for Counterpunch. We need to build it. That will require talking with people who now don’t think the way present movement activists do; it will mean listening to them, and gaining [...]

Marta Harnecker: Ideas For The Struggle

By The Old and New Project, -

By The Old and New Project. July 2016— When we asked Marta Harnecker whether it would be OK to post her “Ideas for the Struggle” (12 short articles about the left and the challenges it faces) on [...]

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