The Red Nation Statement On US Elections

By The Red Nation. -

US imperialism is in crisis. This drives the capitalist system towards austerity, increased suffering among the working poor, repression at home and imperialist aggression, subversion and wars [...]

Nationwide Uprising Against Failed State Triggered By Police Killings

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance. -

The nationwide uprising sparked by the murder of George Floyd and other recent racially-motivated events is a response to the bi-partisan failed state in which we live. It comes in the midst of [...]

Protest Has Helped Define The First Two Decades Of The 21st Century – Here’s What’s Next

By Feyzi Ismail, -

The first two decades of the 21st century saw the return of mass movements to streets around the world. Partly a product of sinking confidence in mainstream politics, mass mobilisation has had a [...]

America’s Streets And Squares Are Waiting: Massive Rallies Work!

By Ralph Nader, -

Around the world people are marching, rallying, and demonstrating in huge numbers. Some of these countries are ruled by dictators or plutocratic regimes, others are considered democracies. [...]

Ministers Resign After Third Day Of Protests In Lebanon

By Al Jazeera. -

A Lebanese Christian party has announced it is quitting the government after a third day of protests across the country against tax increases and alleged official corruption. After tens of [...]

The Indigenous Resistance Against Brazilian President Bolsonaro

By Sue Branford, The New Internationalist -

The young indigenous man, bent double in pain, uttered a deep, heart-wrenching moan. The pain was unbearable. After a while he withdrew from the circle of chanting people and threw himself on the [...]

How To Build A Movement For Transformational Change

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

In recent years, people have asked us what they should be doing to build an effective movement that can create transformational change. In response to these questions, Popular Resistance created [...]

Day 10 Of Countdown To Launch: Featuring Eleanor Goldfield

By Staff, -

By Popular Resistance. Eleanor Goldfield, an activist, musician, photographer and artist, has participated with Popular Resistance on various campaigns, most recently on net neutrality. She [...]

Liberalism, Ultraleftism Or Mass Action

By Peter Camejo, -

By Peter Camejo for The Militant - The purpose of this meeting is to have a discussion about the present political conjuncture in this country following the May events, how we have to relate to [...]

Building A Mass Movement To Stop Mass Killing

By Medea Benjamin, -

By Medea Benjamin for AlterNet - The $600 billion annual cost of the US military budget eats up 54% of all federal discretionary funds. It’s no wonder we don’t have money to address the crisis of [...]

The Price Of Resistance

By Chris Hedges, -

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - In the conflicts I covered as a reporter in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans, I encountered singular individuals of varying creeds, [...]

FCC Plans To End Net Neutrality. Can Popular Movement Stop That?

By Jeff John Roberts, -

By Jeff John Roberts for Fortune - Ajit Pai does not like net neutrality. The new Chair of the Federal Communications Commission is clear he wants to tear up the policy and said he will start [...]

Seeking An International Meeting Of Movements

By Staff, -

By Staff for the Committee of Coordination of People’s Movements and Organizations of the Five Continents. From March 4 to 9, in the context of the homages to Commander Chávez on the fourth [...]

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