A T-Shirt Sparks Claims That Another ‘Foreign Agitator’ Is Behind US Racial Unrest

By Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge. -

We've seen various state and federal officials over the past two weeks of George Floyd protests point to a 'foreign hand' stirring the unrest for the purpose of creating deeper instability in [...]

US Government Drops Prosecution Of Max Blumenthal After Jailing Journalist On False Charges

By Ben Norton, The Grayzone Project -

The US government has dropped its bogus charge of “simple assault” against journalist Max Blumenthal, after having him arrested on a 5-month-old warrant and jailed for nearly two days. The [...]

Max Blumenthal Arrested On False Charges Related To Siege Of Venezuelan Embassy

By Ben Norton, The Grayzone Project -

Max Blumenthal, the editor of the news site The Grayzone, was arrested on the morning of October 25 on a fabricated charge related to the siege of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC that [...]