McDonalds’ Workers Strike Is About Workplace Democracy

By Eli Day, -

On Tuesday, over 1,000 people gathered for a strike action at a McDonald's location on Detroit’s East Side. The workers, who were fighting for basic workplace dignity, a fair wage and a union, [...]

McDonald’s, UberEats And Wetherspoon Workers Strike Over Pay

By Staff, -

UberEats riders and a small number of workers from JD Wetherspoon, McDonald's and TGI Fridays have been staging walkouts in a pay dispute. Protests were being held in several UK cities, along [...]

McDonald’s Workers Strike Over Widespread Sexual Harassment

By Naomi LaChance, -

McDonald’s workers in 10 U.S. cities plan to strike Tuesday at lunchtime over sexual harassment and subsequent retaliation at the fast-food company. “Whatever [anti-harassment] policy they have [...]

Labor Groups Drop #OurWalmart. Who Will Fund Their Fight?

By Dave Jamieson, -

By Dave Jamieson for The Huffington Post - In 2013, Janet Sparks and five co-workers went on strike at a Walmart store in Baker, Louisiana. The group rode in a caravan to Bentonville, Arkansas, [...]

Brazil Opens Federal Investigation Of McDonalds

By Giovanna Frank-Vitale, -

By Giovanna Frank-Vitale. March 3, 2016 - Today a federal prosecutor in Brazil opened a criminal investigation (attached) into alleged “fiscal and economic crimes” by McDonald’s. The prosecutor’s [...]

McDonald’s Franchise Owners: Fast Food Giant “Facing Its Final Days”

By Nick Bernabe, -

By Nick Bernabe for Antimedia - San Diego, CA — Embattled fast food giant McDonald’s is making headlines yet again. The company has just launched its much advertised all-day breakfast program, [...]

NLRB Hands Fight For $15 Major Victory

By Dave Jamieson, -

By Dave Jamieson in The Huffington Post - McDonald's, Burger King and every other company that relies on a franchise business model just suffered the legal setback they've been fearing for [...]

5,000 Workers Descend On McDonald’s Shareholder Meeting

By Jack Temple, -

Marching behind a giant banner that read, “McDonald’s: $15 and Union Rights, Not Food Stamps,” 5,000 cooks and cashiers massed at the company’s corporate headquarters Wednesday to kick off the [...]

McDonald’s Announces Corporate Shake-Up, Workers Vow To Rise Up

By Deirdre Fulton, -

On the same day that McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook announced sweeping changes aimed at "returning excitement" to the behemoth—and struggling—fast-food chain, thousands of McDonald's cooks and [...]

Small Percentage Of McDonald’s Workers Get Pay Raise

By Staff, -

McDonald's plans to raise the average pay of about 90,000 of the 750,000 McDonald's US workers to around $10 an hour, but the increase will not benefit workers at the vast majority of the [...]

McDonald’s Sues Seattle Over $15 Wage, Cites 14th Amendment

By Bill Fold, -

McDonald’s is not having a very good week. First, McDonald’s asked the band Ex Cops to play a gig at the McDonald’s SXSW Showcase, using the words “There isn’t a budget for an artist fee [...]

McDonalds Responsible For Determining Wages At Franchises

By Candice Choi, -

McDonald's is coming under intensifying pressure for labor practices at its U.S. restaurants. The National Labor Relations Board said Tuesday that the world's biggest hamburger chain could be [...]

McDonald’s CEO: ‘We Will Support’ Minimum Wage Hike

By Mark Gongloff, -

McDonald's might finally have figured out that paying its low-wage workers more would actually be a good thing for McDonald's. McDonald's CEO Don Thompson recently suggested his company would [...]

Commentary: Why I Marched On McDonald’s

By William J. Barber, -

Recently, I marched with McDonald’s workers from three dozen cities to the company’s corporate headquarters outside of Chicago. After they refused to leave the corporate campus of the fast-food [...]

Meet Moms Who Crashed McDonald’s Shareholder Meeting

By Yes! Editors, -

Casey Hinds showed up at her first McDonald's annual shareholder meeting in Illinois Thursday—to crash it. For months, she and five other nutrition-blogger moms prepared to confront McDonald's [...]