Missourians Did An End-Around Their Legislature To Expand Medicaid

By JP Keenan, Cristina Corujo, Jason Potere, and Meredith Deliso, ABC News. -

For almost a decade, advocates in Missouri have been lobbying their legislators to expand Medicaid coverage in the red state. Since the Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that the Medicaid expansion [...]

A New Nonviolent Medicaid Army Is On The March

By Dr. Liz Theoharis and Nijmie Zakkiyyah Dzurinko, Inequality.org. -

Across the United States, poor and dispossessed people cannot wait for our politicians to act. This week, in states including Kansas, Maine, Alabama, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Wisconsin, [...]

On Medicare And Medicaid’s 55th Birthday, Let’s Expand Benefits

By Nancy J. Altman, Economy for All. -

On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law. This crowning achievement was both the culmination of a decades-long effort to attain guaranteed universal [...]

Medicaid Work Requirements Struck Down By Unanimous Federal Court Of Appeals

By Joan Alker, Ccf.georgetown.edu -

In a decision which warmed my heart on a cold Valentine’s Day here in Washington, the federal Court of Appeals issued an unanimous opinion striking down the Arkansas work requirements waiver.  In [...]

An Unhappy Birthday For Medicare And Medicaid

By Martha Burk, Otherwords.org -

July 30 marks a very important anniversary in our modern political history. Fifty-three years ago in 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law, creating two programs [...]

Kentucky Governor Retaliates Against Poor After Court Rejects Medicaid Changes

By Michael Corcoran, Truthout.org -

GOP cruelty is not new, but it seems to be reaching new depths. Case in point: In Kentucky, Gov. Matt Bevin is now using the lives of Medicaid patients like pieces on a chessboard in an act of [...]

Rural Whites Shielded From Medicaid Work Requirement Rules

By Ilana Novick, Truthdig.com -

In April, President Trump signed an executive order allowing some Medicaid recipients to be exempted from requirements that they find  jobs or lose their health insurance. Now, the states taking [...]

Patients Protest MedStar’s Policies At Union Memorial Hospital

By Bill Hughes, Baltimore Post Examiner -

A spirited protest action was held at MedStar’s Union Memorial Hospital on Thursday morning, May 10, 2018. The hospital is located at 3333 N. Calvert Street, at 33rd Street & University Parkway, [...]

Debate Over Strategy For National Improved Medicare For All Continues

By Margaret Flowers, Lee Stanfield and Kevin Zeese, Healthoverprofit.org -

On February 1, Margaret Flowers posted “Which Path to National Improved Medicare for All?”, which argued that states cannot enact single payer health systems and that a state-by-state approach [...]

Spring 2018 Single Payer Action Camp

By Margaret Flowers, Health Over Profit. -

Health Over Profit for Everyone, in partnership with the Backbone Campaign, is offering the first Single Payer Action Camp to build participant's skills in strategy, messaging and direct action [...]

Kentucky Medicaid Enrollees Sue To Block Work Requirement Waiver

By Harris Meyer, Occupythebronx.org -

Groups representing Kentucky Medicaid beneficiaries sued the federal government Wednesday to block the state from implementing its Medicaid waiver program that includes a work requirement. The [...]

More Trouble Ahead: Puerto Rico’s Impending Medicaid Crisis

By Lara Merling and Jake Johnston, www.cepr.net -

By Lara Merling and Jake Johnston for CEPR - Already in the midst of a fiscal crisis, Puerto Rico faces a long road to recovery from Hurricane Maria, a devastating storm it was ill-equipped to [...]

Protesters Rise Up To Block Health Care Repeal

By Margaret Flowers, www.popularresistance.org -

By Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. Washington, DC - With the September 30 deadline for the budget reconciliation process looming, Senate Republicans attempted once again to repeal and [...]

‘Big Reflection’ Needed On Opioid Crisis

By Tharanga Yakupitiyage, www.ipsnews.net -

By Tharanga Yakupitiyage for InterPress Service. UNITED NATIONS, Jun 22 2017 (IPS) - Opioids are among the most devastating drugs and are creating a crisis of epidemic proportions, said the UN [...]

Trump To Pitch Deep Cuts To Anti-Poverty Programs, Medicaid

By Erik Wasson and Steven T. Dennis, www.bloomberg.com -

By Erik Wasson and Steven T. Dennis for Bloomberg - President Donald Trump plans to propose $1.7 trillion in cuts to a category of spending that includes major social and entitlement programs for [...]

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