Review Of 22 Studies All Agree Medicare For All Less Expensive Than Insurance-System

By Laura Kurtzman, -

A single-payer healthcare system would save money over time, likely even during the first year of operation, according to nearly two dozen analyses of national and statewide single payer [...]

What Medicare For All Really Looks Like

By Caitlin Kelly, -

He spends long days navigating Toronto’s miserable traffic, finding whatever’s needed for his work as a freelance production designer for film and commercials. It’s demanding physical labor, with [...]

Can Now Really Be The Best Time To Be Alive?

By George Lakey and Yotam Marom, Waging Nonviolence. -

Whenever I muster the courage to stop and think about it, I feel pretty unlucky to be alive at this time. I wake up with the sense that we might have a chance to overcome the many political, [...]

‘All I Want For Christmas Is A Chance To Live’

By The Backbone Campaign, Popular Resistance. -

CareFirst has denied cancer patient and Annapolis resident Phil Ateto access to life saving drugs. The Chicago-based medical insurance company is superseding the wishes of Phil’s oncology team.  [...]

Insurance Companies Are Spending Millions On Attack Ads Against Medicare For All

By Alan Macleod, -

The privatized, for-profit healthcare industry is close to panicking over the prospect of a nationalized system along the lines of other advanced countries. Healthcare corporations are spending [...]

Dying Too Young

By David F. Ruccio, -

If there ever was an argument in support of Medicare for All it’s this: despite spending more on health care than any other country, the United States has seen increasing mortality and falling [...]

Southern Workers Unite Around Medicare For All

By Jonathan Michels, In These Times. -

Charlotte, N.C.—A line of cars rolls up to the government center of the largest city in a state tied with neighbor South Carolina for least unionized in the country. Members of the Southern [...]

Now Is The Time To Win National Improved Medicare For All

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

National improved Medicare for all is making tremendous progress during the 2020 election cycle. Democratic presidential candidates, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who advocate for [...]

CBO Health Panel Packed With Experts Tied To Anti-Medicare For All Groups

By Donald Shaw, Sludge. -

One of the key steps in the federal legislative process occurs when the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), an agency in the legislative branch that studies the budgetary and economic impacts of [...]

A Biased Algorithm Is Delaying Health Care For Black People

By Jessica Hamzelou, New Scientist. -

United States - Black people in the US may be missing out on healthcare because a widely used algorithm is racially biased. The proportion of black people referred for extra care would more than [...]

New Poll Finds Voters Strongly Oppose Employer Insurance

By Matt Bruenig, Peoples Policy Project. -

Many centrist pundits have convinced themselves that Medicare for All (M4A) is unpopular because, when you include certain details about M4A in polling questions, support levels drop [...]

How The Mainstream Media Tries To Convince You That Medicare For All Is Impossible

By Celisa Calacal, Independent Media Institute, Economy for All -

Despite numerous polls showing a majority of the public supports a Medicare for All, single-payer health care system, reports from mainstream media paint a different picture. In a New York Times [...]

Despite Obstruction By Capitol Police, Progressive Groups Deliver 2.2 Million Petitions To Democrats Still Not Backing Medicare For All

By Jake Johnson, -

A diverse coalition of progressive advocacy groups on Tuesday delivered 2.2 million petition signatures to House Democrats demanding that they use their majority to pass Rep. Pramila [...]

The Plot Against Medicare For All

By Libby Watson, -

Last week, at a huge and frightening retirement community in Florida known as The Villages, Donald Trump promised to protect seniors from two of the most menacing monsters lurking under their [...]

Healthcare Reformer Wendell Potter: ‘The System Is Unraveling’

By Michael Winship, -

With the word “whistleblower” spinning through news cycle after news cycle these last few days, every headline about Trump, Giuliani and Ukraine is a powerful reminder that the whistleblower is a [...]