Elizabeth Fowler Defending Trump Program To Privatize Medicare

By Russell Mokhiber, Corporate Crime Reporter. -

Put aside Democrat versus Republican. Let’s just look at corporations versus people. Elizabeth (Liz) Fowler has a stellar corporate resume. For seven years, she worked at Johnson & [...]

The Capitalist Death-Drive, Afghan Sanctions, Attack On Medicare

Lee Camp looks at how the capitalist system sits at the heart of the worst problems facing society. In this history lesson, Camp takes you back to the feudal system, to the creation of [...]

Pressure Grows On Biden To Shut Down Medicare Privatization Scheme

By Jake Johnson, Common Dreams. -

Calls are mounting for President Joe Biden to terminate an under-the-radar Trump-era pilot program that—if allowed to run its course—could result in the complete privatization of traditional [...]

New Program Is Secretly Privatizing Medicare

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

A new program is placing Medicare recipients into private health insurance plans without their knowledge or consent in a final effort to fully privatize our national Medicare system. Known as [...]

The Creeping Privatization Of Medicare

By Russell Mokhiber, Corporate Crime Reporter. -

In the early 1970s, Senator Ted Kennedy and Congresswoman Martha Griffiths introduced Medicare for All legislation in the Congress. It could have passed but for the efforts of a doctor from [...]

Democrats’ Toothless Drug Pricing Alternative Is A Coup For Big Pharma

By Aija Nemer-aanerud, Truthout. -

Under the Build Back Better Act, Congress can expand and strengthen Medicare and Medicaid, improving the lives of millions of seniors while also throwing a lifeline to folks living in states [...]

Happy Birthday, Medicare

By F. Douglas Stephenson, PNHP.org. -

2021 is also a very special year in the history of single-payer health insurance and public health in the U.S. because Reps. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) and Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) introduced the [...]

New York City: Closed Door Negotiations Could Privatize Workers’ Medicare

By Paul Becker, Portside. -

A hush-hush operation between New York City and the Municipal Labor Council (MLC) to essentially privatize the health care coverage for thousands of retirees has exploded into public view in the [...]

New Report: Private Health Insurers Overpay Hospitals

By the Rand Corporation. -

Prices paid to hospitals nationally during 2018 by privately insured patients averaged 247% of what Medicare would have paid, with wide variation in prices among states, according to a new RAND [...]

Trump’s Executive Orders Are Public Relations Stunts

By Jack Rasmus, Predicting the Global Economic Crisis. -

Trump, Meadows, Mnuchin and McConnell cleverly set up and sucked in Pelosi and Shumer into negotiations last week, never planning to conclude a deal by Friday, in the process getting them to [...]

On Medicare And Medicaid’s 55th Birthday, Let’s Expand Benefits

By Nancy J. Altman, Economy for All. -

On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law. This crowning achievement was both the culmination of a decades-long effort to attain guaranteed universal [...]

Guess Who’s Rallying For Medicare For All? Senior Citizens

By Taylor Moore, Inthesetimes.com -

Because seniors already have Medicare and may be retired, changing the healthcare system is not typically considered a key issue for their voting demographic. The problem? “No one’s asked us." [...]

20 Top Economists Endorse Medicare For All As Best Plan To Cut Costs, Save Tens Of Thousands Of Lives Each Year

By Jake Johnson, Commondreams.org -

Rejecting "loose talk" from corporate Democrats, the media, and insurance industry that a single-payer system would be unaffordable, twenty leading U.S. economists on Tuesday released an open [...]

Twenty Top Economists Conclude Medicare For All Saves Money And Lives

By Staff, Hopbrook-institute.org -

We are economists interested in public policy and healthcare. Some of us have worked to estimate the cost of alternative healthcare programs. Others have reviewed such estimates. We believe the [...]

Employment-Based Health Care Is An Anchor Around The Neck Of The U.S. Working Class

By Mark Dudzic, Labornotes.org -

Last June at the House Ways and Means Committee Hearing on Medicare for All, Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas lamented, “That great health care plan that your union negotiated for you? It’s gone. Banned [...]