Let’s Not Negotiate Against Ourselves: Demand Medicare For All

By Staff, Laborforsinglepayer.org -

Like Medicare and Social Security, the proposals in the House (HR 676) and Senate (S 1804) for Expanded and Improved Medicare for All are social insurance programs. All Americans would receive [...]

Ten Million Americans Could Bring H.R. 676 Into Reality Land—Relief For Anxiety, Dread And Fear

By Ralph Nader, Nader.org -

Polls show that over 125 million adults in our country already favor full Medicare for all, with free choice of doctor and hospital without stifling networks. I say ‘already’ because, as of yet, [...]

The Health Care Bait-And-Switch

By Glen Ford, Blackagendareport.com -

On the campaign trail in January of 2016, Hillary Clinton told Iowa voters that Bernie Sanders’ single payer health care proposal was an idea whose time would never come. "People who have health [...]

New Proposal Designed To Confuse Public And Prevent Medicare For All

By Margaret Flowers, HealthOverProfit.org -

The Center for American Progress (CAP), a Washington-based Democratic Party think tank funded by Wall Street, including private health insurers and their lobbying group, unveiled a new healthcare [...]

Which Path To National Improved Medicare For All?

By Margaret Flowers, Healthoverprofit.org -

Two states with a long history of state-based healthcare reform efforts, California and New York, are hard at work organizing for state bills labeled as single payer healthcare plans. Other [...]

How Big Medicine Can Ruin Medicare For All

By Phillip Longman, theguardian.com -

By Phillip Longman for The Guardian - In 2013, Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described “democratic socialist,” couldn’t find a single co-sponsor for his healthcare plan, which would replace [...]

CBO: House GOP Tax Plan Triggers $25 Billion In Medicare Cuts

By Ethan Wolff-Mann, finance.yahoo.com -

By Ethan Wolff-Mann for Yahoo Finance - If the House GOP tax plan passes, it is projected to cut revenue significantly, likely increasing the deficit by $1.456 trillion from 2018 to 2027, [...]

Current Taxes And Tax Reform Undermine Social Security & Medicare

By Sam Pizzigati, www.otherwords.org -

By Sam Pizzigati for Other Words - You probably pay about four times more of your income to Social Security than millionaires, who want to cut their taxes and your benefits. How much did your [...]

Does The Gig Economy Mean It’s Time For Medicare-For-All?

By Charlie Simmons, www.mercurynews.com -

By Charlie Simmons for The Mercury News - Silicon Valley is the engine of the rapidly growing gig-economy. Consumers love the convenience of having goods and services delivered right to their [...]

Senate Republicans Aren’t Just Aiming To Destroy Obamacare And Medicaid

By Steven Rosenfeld, www.alternet.org -

By Steven Rosenfeld for AlterNet - The Senate Republicans’ latest anti-Obamacare bill has bigger goals than destroying the Affordable Care Act and dismantling Medicaid. This bill aims to blow up [...]

Insurance Industry Pays Senators To Not Support Improved Medicare For All

By Andrew Perez, www.maplight.org -

By Andrew Perez for MapLight - Democratic senators who haven’t signed on to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” proposal have received twice as much cash from the insurance industry as the [...]

Medicare’s Anniversary Reminds Us The Impossible Is Possible

By Mark Karlin, www.truth-out.org -

By Mark Karlin for Truth Out - Before the establishment of Medicare, many persons more than 65 years of age who weren't wealthy dealt with a harrowing reality. When they became seriously ill or [...]

Newsletter: Fight For Health Care Begins

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, www.popularresistance.org -

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were stalled again this week, due in large part to public pressure including courageous and [...]

Civil Resistance Helped Kill Trumpcare – On To Medicare For All

By Michael Corcoran, www.truth-out.org -

By Michael Corcoran for Truthout - In a dramatic vote that took place between midnight and dawn on Friday, the bill was defeated 51-49, to the surprise of almost everyone who was still awake to [...]

The Plot To Kill Care

By Eleanor Goldfield, www.occupy.com -

By Eleanor Goldfield for Occupy - Medicare turns 52 this Sunday as Republicans lament their slow going efforts to privatize a public service on behalf of the insurance industry and other [...]

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