Activists Shut Down A Pipeline — But Their Fight Isn’t Over

By Leanna First-Arai, Truthout. -

As the dust settles on their victory, the coalition of activists and community members that opposed the Byhalia Connection oil pipeline in greater Memphis, Tennessee — which developers officially [...]

Memphis Police Have A Watchlist Of BLM Protesters

By Staff, -

By Staff of Tele Sur - The Memphis Police Department has a watch list of Black Lives Matter protesters — a fact that has come to light decades after the department was barred from spying on civil [...]

Do Black Kids Matter In Memphis?

By Liliana Segura, -

By Liliana Segura for The Intercept - EMALE ON BOARD!” the lieutenant called out, his voice booming off the concrete walls. It was the middle of shift change at the Shelby County Juvenile [...]

Black Lives Matter March Shuts Down Bridge Between Memphis And Arkansas

By Sarah K. Burris, -

By Sarah K. Burris for Raw Story - Black Live Matter protesters marched along Interstate 40 Sunday evening to advocate for the lives taken by police in the last week. Marchers began the protest [...]

Cops Call In Sick In ‘Blue Flu’ Protest

By Jody Callahan, -

More than 13 percent of the officers in the Memphis Police Department have called in sick since June 30, the so-called Blue Flu that officials acknowledged Sunday was a deliberate work [...]