Make ‘Em Laugh Or They’ll Kill You + The Math Of A Broken System

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Building and healing civilizations: as we stare down the 2020 presidential elections, here's a little food for thought on how our system is built – and what advanced math of all things can tell [...]

Mindfulness And Social Change

By Luke Wreford and Paula Haddock, -

As mindfulness becomes more prevalent in western societies, it’s understandable that its popularity as a practice for reducing stress and improving mental health is attracting greater scrutiny. [...]

This Is What Activism Does To Your Body

By Jolie A. Doggett, -

August 9 marks five years since a white police officer, Darren Wilson, shot and killed an unarmed Black teenager named Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. While accounts of exactly what [...]

Federal Judge To IDOC: Get Your Unconstitutional Shit Together

By The Uptown People's Law Center, -

A federal court has ordered the State of Illinois to address its "failure to . . . meet the constitutional requirements with respect to the mental health needs of" its approximately 12,000 [...]

Judge Rules Veterans With PTSD Can Move Forward With Lawsuit Over Discharge Classification

By John Bowden, -

A federal judge in Connecticut ruled Thursday in favor of thousands of veterans seeking to sue the federal government alleging they were discharged due to infractions related to untreated mental [...]

American Anomie

By Chris Hedges, -

The French sociologist Emile Durkheim in his classic book “On Suicide” examined the disintegration of social bonds that drive individuals and societies to personal and collective acts of [...]

The Enemy Between Us: How Inequality Erodes Our Mental Health

By Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson, -

When people are asked what matters most for their happiness and wellbeing, they tend to talk about the importance of their relationships with family, friends and colleagues. It is their intimate [...]

Capitalism VS. Mental Health, The SS “Light” And Zuck Testifies To His Employees

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Next up, you may know that Zuck appeared before Congress last week but did you know that what he REALLY did was appear before his employees? And Orwell's got nothing on the DHS and their new [...]

America’s Farmers Killing Themselves In Record Numbers

By Debbie Weingarten, -

Rosmann, an Iowa farmer, is a psychologist and one of the nation’s leading farmer behavioral health experts. He often answers phone calls from those in crisis. And for 40 years, he has worked to [...]

Teachers Condemn DeVos Rescinding Special Education Guidance Docs

By Staff, -

By Staff of Badass Teacher's Association - The Badass Teachers Association, a grassroots national education activist organization with over 200,000 teachers and education activists in their [...]

Trump Administration Rescinds Special Ed Guidance

By Michelle Diament, -

By Michelle Diament for Disability Scoop - The Education Department said Friday that it has rescinded 72 guidance documents — 63 from the Office of Special Education Programs and nine from the [...]

Jails Replace In-Person Visitation With Video Screens

By Mike Ludwig, -

By Mike Ludwig for Truthout. The rash of suicides alarmed mental health experts and local watchdogs, and Arce's death has advocates calling out the lack of equal access to services for disabled [...]

Journalists Sue Chicago Police Over Hidden Records Of SWAT Responses To Mental Health Crises

By Andy Thayer, -

By Andy Thayer for Loevy and Loevy - CHICAGO – Independent journalist Sarah Lazare and community activist Debbie Southorn sued the Chicago Police Department today demanding release of records [...]

To The Four White Policemen Who Beat Me

By Ali Afshar, -

By Ali Afshar for Human Development Project. California - You may or may not know that the incidence and relapse rates of schizophrenia in African-Caribbean males in Western countries has been [...]

Police Already Made 2016 Deadlier Than 2015 By The End Of June

By Staff, -

By Staff of Mint Press News - MINNEAPOLIS — As controversy continues to swirl around the issue of police violence in the United States, the media continues to be our main source of data about the [...]

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