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2nd Anniversary Of Michael Brown’s Death; Black Lives Matter

By Sarah Aziza for Waging Nonviolence - The two-year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown came yesterday, August 9, prompting vigils and marches around the country. While the rage and grief that ignited the streets of Ferguson two years ago remained a clear subtext in these gatherings, events surrounding the anniversary of Brown’s death also demonstrated the levels of pragmatism and coordination that have emerged among organizers since the chaotic summer of 2014. The weeks leading up to August 9 have been busy for Black Lives Matter and its allies.

State Of Emergency Declared In Ferguson’s County

By Staff in St. Loius Post-Dispatch - Protesters and police gathered on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson Monday night. Protesters had walked the streets chanting and police were monitoring, and the scene had remained relatively quiet with some skirmishes between the crowd and police. Shortly after 10 p.m., protesters began to scatter as police began to make arrests. There were about 50 reporters, 75 cops, and 150 protesters at the scene. "Unruly crowd is throwing frozen water bottles at officers," the St. Louis County Police Department tweeted earlier in the evening, shortly after 10 p.m. "Those who choose to act violently will be arrested." Witnesses said police were using pepper spray. Police tweeted that the crowd was unlawfully assembled and said those who would not follow orders would be arrested. Department Chief Jon Belmar was on the front lines monitoring. Police donned helmets shortly after 9:30 p.m. after they reported rocks and bottles being thrown at them. Witnesses said they saw a water bottle being thrown. By about 10:30 p.m., things had calmed down and the crowd began to march again.

Black Lives Matter Protesters Commemorate Michael Brown In NYC

By Ashoka Jegroo in Waging Non-Violence - Hundreds of protesters hit the streets of New York City, along with cities across the United States and overseas, for multiple actions on August 9 in memory of Michael Brown, who was killed one year ago in Ferguson, Missouri by police Officer Darren Wilson. Brown’s death at the hands of Wilson last year sparked riots, protests and the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement. To commemorate the death of Brown, multiple U.S. cities, including the town of Ferguson itself, held rallies and marches. Activists in New York City held three separate actions, ensuring that streets from downtown Brooklyn up to the Bronx would see protesters taking them over. And in addition to remembering Brown and the town of Ferguson, the protesters used the occasion to draw attention to the city’s police problems and other incidents of police violence against people of color since Brown’s death.
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