Confessions Of A Catechumen And Ex-Marine

By Micaiah David Dutt, -

War is hell. War is often unnecessary, but through the evil in our hearts we let it be and we encourage it, we engage it in fantasy primarily through Hollywood and gamer culture while imposing [...]

[Act Out! 172] – Joyful Militancy Or Building Thriving Resistance In Toxic Times

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Activism so often gets the bad rep of being all about sacrificing – all about pain and struggle – never about joy. And yet as we find ourselves in a culture that preaches escapism, demands [...]

Israel Is Arming Neo-Nazis In Ukraine

By Asa Winstanley, -

Israeli arms are being sent to a heavily armed neo-Nazi militia in Ukraine, The Electronic Intifada has learned. Azov Battalion online propaganda shows Israeli-licensed Tavor rifles in the [...]

$717 Billion Defense Bill That Just Breezed Through The Senate Should Be A National Scandal

By Lindsay Koshgarian, -

With little debate or public attention, the Senate just followed the House in approving $717 billion for the nation’s military, meaning the bill is headed for the president’s signature. The [...]

The Bipartisan March For Militarism

By Staff, -

Republicans and Democrats like to claim that they are on opposite sides of important issues.  Of course, depending on which way the wind blows, they sometimes change sides, like over support for [...]

NATO: Time To Re-Examine An Alliance

By Staff, -

One such detail is NATO’s “Readiness Initiative” that will beef up naval, air and ground forces in “the eastern portion of the Alliance.” NATO is moving to base troops in Latvia, Estonia [...]

It’s Time For NATO To Go The Way Of The Warsaw Pact

The outcome of the July 11-12 NATO meeting in Brussels got lost amid the media’s obsession with President Donald Trump’s bombast, but the “Summit Declaration” makes for sober reading. [...]

Military-Intelligence Candidates Win Four Democratic Congressional Nominations

By Patrick Martin, WSWS -

On Tuesday, candidates with links to the military or intelligence services won all four of the Democratic primary contests in which they were running. These results mark a significant advance in [...]

Victory Over Military Cop Convention

By Ann Garrison, -

Militarization of the police intensified after the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was folded into the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on March 1, 2003, just a year and a half [...]

The Army Of The EU

By Will Podmore, -

The current president of the European Commission wants it. So did his predecessors. And now the whole EU is taking steps towards the creation of a unified European military, along with unified [...]

Manufacturing Consent for War as a Public-Private Partnership

By Nina Illingworth for -

The terrifying truth in all of this is that western military, government, media and economic establishments have spent the better part of the past fifty years creating [...]

The United States: Addicted to Special Forces

By Belen Fernandez, Al Jazeera -

The Special Operations forces of the United States - currently 70,000-strong and thus larger than the regular militaries of many sizable countries - occupy a very special place in US national [...]

US AFRICOM Blacklists Reporter Nick Turse As “Not A Legitimate Journalist”

Journalist Nick Turse, who has reported extensively on US military operations in Africa, was recently told that he has been deemed “not a legitimate journalist” by AFRICOM, the US military [...]

The Polluter Is Not Paying

By H. Patricia Hynes, -

Wars may end, bases may close, but our toxic military footprint remains as a poisonous legacy for future generations. My nephew, an Army veteran who spent most of his 20 plus years military [...]

Trump Calling Pentagon, Diplomats To Play Bigger Arms Sales Role

By Mike Stone and Matt Spetalnick, -

President Donald Trump is expected to announce a “whole of government” approach that will also ease export rules on U.S. military exports and give greater weight to the economic benefits for [...]