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Military aggression

Full-Dress Irrationality

Whenever Joe Biden speaks, you have to make sure your bullshit detector is switched on, to borrow Hemingway’s pungent phrase. As is well-documented, our president has spent his public life making it up as he goes along. No surprise, there was a lot of boilerplate junk in the two much-noted speeches Biden gave last week, one in Tel Aviv after attending a session of Israel’s war cabinet, the other when he dropped it on the American public that they were about to spend a lot more money financing Israeli violence, war in Ukraine and provocation across the Taiwan Strait.  We had better listen carefully this time.

US And Russia Collide, While Syrian Tribes Call For US Withdrawal

On August 20, Pres. Trump met with Iraq’s PM, and said the US is leaving Iraq “fairly rapidly” and making decisions on Syria “fairly soon.”  The Iraqi Parliament called for the total withdrawal of US troops. A meeting of 5,000 Syrian tribal members in northeast Syria on August 11 demanded the US forces, and their SDF militia partners withdraw from occupation of the area after the SDF assassinated Sheikh Mutashar al-Hafil and his relative Dar Mihlef al-Khalaf, which provoked a wave of protests, and the call of “Yankee Go Home”. “We are calling on the international coalition to transfer control over the province directly to its Arab population, respecting Syria’s territorial integrity, as well as the rights of Syrian citizens“, the tribal elder’s statement said.

Iran Condemns US For Dangerous Mid-Air Harassment Of Civilian Plane

In yet another display of the heightened tension between Iran and the United States under President Donald Trump, several passengers on an Iranian commercial plane were reportedly injured Thursday when the aircraft swiftly dropped altitude after being approached by at least one U.S. military fighter jet over Syrian airspace. Iranian media reported Thursday that two fighter jets flew near the Mahan Air passenger plane, forcing the pilot to quickly descend. Video footage from Iranian state broadcasting network IRIB showed one passenger with blood on his face and another lying on the floor of the aircraft.
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